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A World Poetry Day Feast

Tomorrow, March 21 is World Poetry Day. One of the driving ideas of the day is to share poetry with the world, so here’s a handful of readings / films from three of my all time favourite poets. So either dive in early, or hang back and savour it in the morning… but do open your ears and let these poems in.

First up is a set from New Zealand icon, the first poet I ever saw read live, Sam Hunt. This is Hunt at his wildly unpredictable best… and he reads two poems that will always be close to me, Wave Song and Naming the Gods.

Next, a reading from Korea’s spiritual force of nature, Ko Un. He will always be a guiding light…

And finally, let William S. Burroughs enter your head and open fire… no one messed with language more than WSB and this short film by Anthony Balch, showcases Burroughs’ early work at its mind-bending best.

Happy World Poetry Day to you all! Feel free to drop me a link to something you feel I should be watching.


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