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QPF Spotlight #12 – Brianna Carpenter

Brisbane songbird Brianna Carpenter is one of the many singer/songwriters gracing the QPF stage in 2009. I have always been a firm believer that song lyrics are our first exposure to poetic language, so it was great to be able to ask Brianna about the role poetry plays in her songwriting process.


Brianna Carpenter


How does a song begin for you? 

Mostly a chord. I’ll play a mixture of chords and after a little while I’ll just play the right progression and it all falls into place. Once I’ve got the right chords, the song seems to flow quite easily.


What role does poetry play in the songwriting process? 

When I first started writing, I only wrote poetry. It never crossed my mind to turn them into songs until I got a little bit older, probably about 15. So due to my background in poetry I’ve always tried to create lyrics that have the same poetic flavour. It’s a huge part of my songwriting today.


Who have been your greatest influences?

Elton John was a huge influence on me as a young girl. My mother used to play his albums constantly and I was always very interested in the lyrics more than anything else. Although he didn’t  write the lyrics most of the time, I was greatly influenced by the way he shaped those words into a song. Another big influence more recently is New Zealand female artist Bic Runga. Her songs are so captivating and her voice is so soothing. I love all her lyrics and the interesting words she uses. She’s not like your normal pop artist. I feel she has more depth to her writing and I strive to have the same sort of depth and purpose when writing.


Nick Cave once said that inspiration is a word used by people who aren’t really doing anything. What’s your take on this?

I agree. It’s so true. There’s inspiration around everywhere and it’s about taking the time to notice those little things. If you didn’t have any inspiration then you’d have to be sitting at home, looking at your walls and just watching the day go by. There was a period there where I was void of inspiration and I think it was because I was too caught up in where my career was heading and I forgot to be creative and just write. First and foremost I’ve got to write.


What are the words you live by?

You only live once


About Brianna:

Bubbly and vibrant singer-songwriter Brianna Carpenter writes honest music that is a mesh of Jazzy Pop Folk. With the help of her distinctive vocal timbre, piano chord bashing and guitar finger picking she creates a show that is an intimate and exciting experience.

Brianna has been an extremely busy lass over the past few years including a stint in the top 12 of Australian Idol in 2007. The experience was fantastic and has given Brianna’s career a great boost. Brianna has been recognized for her songwriting potential and received a nomination for the QSong “People’s Choice Award” and shortlisted to Top 10 in two categories over the last two years. To add to this she received a nomination in the Pop Category for the MusicOz awards and was shortlisted for the Apra Professional Development Grant.

Brianna has also the Ambassador for the Hear and Say Centre’s largest charity event – the Butterfly Appeal for the last two years. The appeal helps to raise funds for profoundly deaf children. As Brianna is completely deaf in one ear she really connected with the charity and was happy to help raise awareness. To add to this hectic schedule Brianna has now independently released her debut album “Harlequin” and is currently anticipating the completion of her first official film clip for her song “Jacqueline”.


Watch Brianna perform her song Lies. Listen to more of her work here.


Catch Brianna at QPF 2009:


Saturday August 22 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm

A Canary In Our Throat: feat. Bremen Town Musician & Brianna Carpenter


Saturday August 22 – 8:00pm

A Million Bright Things: featuring a short set from every bright thing on the 2009 program plus a feature set from the awesome Neil Murray


All sessions are held at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley.

For full program details head to www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

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QPF Spotlight #8 – Bremen Town Musician

My QPF 2009 program is already suitably inked, with many sessions marked that I just cannot miss. One of those sessions features the blistering soundscape rock of Bremen Town Musician. Their 2008 album, No one is holding a gun to your head (Songs to Run to), is still stealing my breath and I am busting at the seams with excitement to see them stretch their sonic wings at the Judith Wright Centre when they take centre stage on Saturday August 22 in the session, A Canary In Our Throats alongside Brianna Carpenter. To help build the excitement, here’s a recent interview with founding member of Bremen Town Musician, Marisa Allen.


Bremen Town Musician


How does a song begin for you – an idea, an image, a phrase, a chord?

All of the above really. It seems to be a combination of these things backed up by a strong feeling. When there is a feeling associated with these then there is a kind of momentum that kicks in harnessing all the elements of bringing a song together. They may not all happen at the same time, it may a period of minutes or even years to piece it all together. I’m finding that there is strong visual element to my songs, that the music and the words combined (on a song that is really working) tend to stimulate a visual side when listened to and from this a story is begun.


What role does poetry play in your songwriting process?

It’s actually very important. I started out writing poetry independently of songwriting. Being an instrumentalist first, words and hence vocals took a back seat in the process for a very long time and were a separate thing to any music that I was making. Then after coming out of a period of illness and journaling a lot I decided I wanted to write songs with words and indirectly that meant adding vocals. So I just wrote.  And because I had always written poetry first, it was familiar to me, that’s what I started writing. I gave myself 3 years to work on the craft and then another period of time to get co-ordinated enough to sing and play at the same time. Every time I had a strong feeling I would write it, that was the only guide I really gave myself. It was a very gentle process and I just allowed myself to write without critiquing anything. It was also a very disciplined process because I kept aiming for something, so there was a focus, I didn’t know what I was aiming for but when I hit it I knew, if that makes any sense at all… Through this process I like to think that I’m now able to discern quite well between what is certainly a poem and what is a song, at least in my own work. Sometimes though the line between what I would consider should remain a poem and what should become a song isn’t so clear but when that happens it can become a really unusual song.


Who are your artistic beacons and how have they shaped your work?

Oh dear! Everyone and no one??? Such a hard thing to pin point. I’ll stick to contemporary artists. If I said one it would be Polly Jean Harvey. I’ve been listening to her work since I was 15 when I first heard Sheela Na Gig coming down through a crackly radio reception on 4ZZZ (how we even picked up 4ZZZ  2hours north of Brisbane I’ll never know!) and I was like who! the! fuck! is that, it was 7 in the morning and I was going to school but that weekend I was down at the only independent record shop in town facing up to the independent record store guy saying have you heard of this person..?? can you order it in..?? I don’t think he really knew what to make of me and could’ve easily just said no, but anyway he ordered it in and I got the album and that was that. Whoosh! .and I cannot explain what it is that resonates with me but it just does. Certainly Dirty Three also. But then there are also such obscure and strange things that are like a light for me such as landscapes and experimental musical instrument makers that shape the entire way I do things musically.


 Nick Cave once said that inspiration is a word used by people who aren’t really doing anything. What’s your take on this?

Hey I answered this question in Pascalle’s spoken word workshop in 2007! Inspiration is like an elusive mist that you can never actually capture, some people spend their time chasing the mist, but they are misguided. Inspiration actually comes out of working and is like a muscle or a cog that starts turning once you actually start doing something.


What are the words you live by?

“Say it in as few words as possible”


About Bremen Town Musician:

Bremen Town Musician are a three piece with Marisa Allen on violin/vocals, Arron Bool on guitar/bass and Dave Bell on drums/percussion playing a blend of experimental/blues/folk at times accompanied only by a single violin to create mesmerizing performances.

Formed in 2005 Marisa Allen emerged as a soloist with the name Bremen Town Musician releasing her first independent solo EP ‘Silent Arrows’ a lo fi exploration of the violin.  Performing as a street musician since 1995 in Australia the U.K and Iceland she was mentored by Geoff Adeney (ex Bullamakanka ‘79 -’81) and Cleis Pearce (DHA, Michael Luenig).

She has toured the United States with Icelandic/American country rock act The Foghorns and performed at Bad Taste Records (Iceland), the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival and Yeppoon Village Festival and was invited to collaborate with Icelandic improv/jazz/noise collective Spuni/Graupan for the Governor of Reykjavik, at Reykjavik City Hall, Iceland.

Bremen Town Musician offer audiences a unique show. In a live setting the band take one step further bringing an album of songs to life with instrumental improvisations and delivering the raw energy the band harnesses.

Watch Bremen Town Musician perform a solo set at SpeedPoets here.

Find out more: www.myspace.com/brementownmusic


Catch Bremen Town Musician at QPF 2009:

Saturday August 22 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm

A Canary In Our Throat: feat. Bremen Town Musician & Brianna Carpenter

All sessions are held at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley.

For full program details head to www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

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