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The ongoing question of Literary Value

Thank you to those who left a comment on the recent blog post ‘Self Publishing & Literary Value’. I would still love many more of you to weigh in on the debate and share your response to the question, ‘What is literary value?’

This question has been running around my head for the last few days so when snooping around some of my favourite blogs today, I discovered this great post, from Adam Fieled over at Stoning the Devil. The post titled On Snobbery struck me as a great response to the question I had posed, so I just had to share. Enjoy…

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Self-publishing & Literary Value

I was recently over at the Overland blog and found some really interesting discussion taking place in response to the ‘open letter from Salt publishing’. It was interesting that as part of this discussion, the topic of self-publishing was raised and it’s worth debated.

The self-publishing debate is one that has been raging for many years …

So, here’s a couple of links that I have unearthed that provide some interesting reading on the topic of self-publishing.

First up an article from The Washington Times – Self-publishing finds commercial niche in digital age

And this article from the Self-Publishing Review – What is Literary Value?

The question, ‘What is literary value’, is something that I would love people to respond to, as I think it is a question that needs more open discussion.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts …


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