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New Farm Park Ginko: Lee-Anne Davie & Vuong Pham

                                                                    so lush
                                                                    the grass
                                                                    for late autumn lovers


                                                                   above me
                                                                   a single red rose
                                                                   against slivers of blue


                                                                   beside the croquet lawn
                                                                   a homeless man sleeps
                                                                   visitors welcome


                                                                  in the colour
                                                                  of fallen leaves
                                                                  a crow feather


                                                                  beneath the gentle sway
                                                                  of late autumn
                                                                  tai chi


                                                                                poems by Lee-Anne Davie
                                                                                photograph by Cindy Keong


                                                                forgive me rose
                                                                she loves me
                                                                she loves me not


                                                                public toilet
                                                                I am not compelled
                                                                to flush


                                                               must be growing old–
                                                               polite chatter
                                                               at the wedding party


                                                               the river has glistened
                                                               long enough
                                                               for the summer house windows


                                                               jacaranda flowers
                                                               we part without regret


                                                                            poems by Vuong Pham
                                                                            photograph by Cindy Keong


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Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens Ginko

                                                                  autumn sun
                                                                  the glow of one
                                                                  ripe cherry

                                                                  cactus spikes
                                                                  can’t help
                                                                  but touch                                                            

                                                                                                Cindy Keong

                                                three tai-chi students meditate
                                                frozen ibis

                                                garden mirage
                                                lizards crawls out of the desert
                                                into the cafe                                                          

                                                                              Jonathan Hadwen

                                                      tired of bamboo gazing
                                                      I look to the pond —
                                                      bamboo reflection

                                                       alone again
                                                       by the waterfall
                                                       my bladder expands

                                                                                     Vuong Pham

                                           ants ignore the lines on fallen leaves

                                           mossy path
                                           I intrude
                                           on the ibis

                                                                          John Wainwright

                                                                 so still
                                                                 the pond
                                                                 before the children

                                                                 until you walk
                                                                 in my shoes

                                                                                               Lee-Anne Davie

                                                              autumn pool
                                                              willow reflects
                                                              upon itself

                                                              garden wall
                                                              where do you think
                                                              the creeper’s going?

                                                                                             Trudie Murrell

* all photographs by Cindy Keong


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Sandgate Ginko: Vuong Pham


                                                           corrugated mud
                                                           how silent
                                                           the rotting branch


                                                           I see it
                                                           then I don’t
                                                           aeroplane through trees


                                                           distant waves
                                                           the paperbark rustles


                                                           howling wind
                                                           at low tide
                                                           the dog tracks fill in


                                                           kite surfing
                                                           falling leaves


                                                                            photograph by Cindy Keong


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