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Winter Ginko: City Botanic Gardens

The sun was blazingly beautiful again today, and my head was still swimming with haiku thanks to yesterday’s ginko. I am excited to post these poems from four of the poets who joined me on the day, and later in the week, I will post poems from the three remaining poets. It’s always a thrill to see so many fine poems written into being…


masts swing –
hundreds of joggers
up the tempo


muddy hull takes the river to the sea

mr oCean

Web Bird

[photograph by Andy Smerdon]

sunday shadows
a soldier bird
breaks bread


through the fence
a chinese boy tries speaking duck

Andrew Phillips

 Wb Haiku

[photograph by Andy Smerdon]

august wind
tight strings resonate
a winter song


blue feathers and orange beak
a subtle enquiry

Andy Smerdon


[photograph by Andy Smerdon]

light and shade on the duck pond       passing


partitioned park seats
for the homeless
no sleep

Trish Reid


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Notes from the Gean + new haiku

The latest issue of Notes from the Gean is out now and is bursting at the virtual seams, with 134 pages of haiku and related forms from many of the world’s leading writers. And what makes the release even more exciting is that it features haiku from two of the ginko group from 2011 – Tiggy Johnson (pg 25) & Trish Reid (pg 115). I also have two haiku featured on pg 37, so I hope you enjoy the wealth of poetry this issue has on offer. The issue can be read in its entirety here: http://notesfromthegean.com/nftg/current-issue.html

And while we are talking haiku… here’s a new one to leave you with:

camp oven
the dipper pours
out sky


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