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Live Sounds of 2012: The Necks

It’s Friday night… time to chase the light and what better soundtrack for light-chasing than The Necks. This band is like no other… the silences they create, equally important as the sound; their improvised minimalism ebbing and flowing with the power of an ocean. I experienced their sonic majesty on March 29 this year and am happy to say they are back again for their annual run on February 7, 2013. Here is a complete live set from the band… all 45mins of it, so be prepared to fully immerse yourself, to let the music find its pulse inside you.

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Tonight, The Necks!

Tonight, the Brisbane Powerhouse will showcase the improvisational might of The Necks. For mine, they are one of the most transcendent live acts on the planet. Here’s an early clip of them (from way back in 1989) playing the piece, Royal Family, which was used in the Kevin Lucas film, Beyond El Rocco.

But if you want a real hit, check the band out playing live at the Factory Theatre in 2008. This set is called Pop Will Eat Himself and it is magnificent!



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The New Folk IX – The Necks, Shearwater & Turin Brakes

It’s hard to believe that the third month of 2010 is already on us… so here’s a few songs to suspend (your) reality for a while and slow things down. Open your mind to the hypnotic-improvisation of The Necks; sink into the depths of Shearwater and fill your lungs with the sweet folk of Turin Brakes. May your week roll slower for it.


The Necks – Kilt Maker

The Necks live is an experience that changes the way you approach music in a live setting. Seeing Buck, Swanton and Abrahams take the stage in silence, waiting for an idea to propel them forward is truly inspirational. With each live set, truly being a one off, you know as an audience member you have been part of a unique creative experience. And while this does not harness the power of seeing them live, it certainly captures their hypnotic effect.


Shearwater – Meridian

Shearwater make music that demands something of the listener. The swirling multi-instrumental arrangements and Jonathan Meiburg’s swooning vocal work best in that late night kind of silence, when it is just you and the geckos. Meridian is from their latest opus, The Golden Archipelago, an album of songs inspired by recollections of Meiburg’s own journeys; the fragility of nature and our eroding culture. These songs have a haunting clarity about them and warrant multiple listens.


Turin Brakes – Sea Change

Sea Change is likely to be one of the sweetest slices of folk  you will hear in 2010. Driving acoustic guitars lay the bed for kick drum, vocal harmonies and strings and together they create a gentle epic. The song has at its heart a quiet defiance, promising things must be different, that standing still is no longer an option. Vibrant and layered, Turin Brakes continue to surprise.

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