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The Besnard Lakes are…

playing at The Zoo tonight and this Lost Shark is excited to say, he will be there to soak up their psychedelic wave of sound. Their recent album, The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night is an epic album of distortion, heavy rhythms and melodic charm… something like what I imagine Brian Wilson would sound like, if David Lynch wrote and produced the album. And let’s face it, Jace Lascek has one of the best falsettos in the music industry and I am a sucker for a soaring falsetto. Here’s a clip of them roaring on stage in the QTV studios playing ‘And This Is What We Call Progress’.



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The New Folk pt X

Sunday is shedding its light, but never fear… this handful of songs are perfect for the approaching darkness. They have been shining their light in my world of late and it has been brighter for it. Enjoy the last hours of your weekend…

Worst Friend – Vic Chesnutt

At the Cut has been on high rotation for this Lost Shark in 2010, so I was thrilled when I finally got my hands on a copy of Vic’s other album from 2009, Skitter On Take Off, recorded live in the studio with Jonathan Richman. This is classic Chesnutt… no overdubs, just the man, his beaten acoustic guitar and some very minimal backing. Lyrically Chesnutt seems to tap the global psyche, writing songs that make you stop and wonder, was that written for me? Worst Friend is one of those songs. I don’t think there is anyone alive that couldn’t put a name to at least one of the friend’s Chesnutt sings about… and the Wheel of Fortune guy sounds hilarious!

Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent pts I & II – The Besnard Lakes

Montreal ensemble, The Besnard Lakes have created another epic album – Are The Roaring Night – that rolls out of your stereo, like a driving wave. Part I slowly builds until Jace Lasek’s falsetto erupts over peaks of psychedelic guitar swirls and rumbling percussion. Rather than be constrained by the convention of a song, The Besnard Lakes create sonic landscapes of tension and beauty. Close your eyes for this one and let yourself be plunged headlong into the roaring night.

King of Spain – The Tallest Man on Earth

Scandanavian folksinger, Kristian Matsson has followed up his 2008 debut Shallow Grave with The Wild Hunt, an effortless album of raspy vocals and crackling acoustic guitar. And while there is nothing new about this sound, The Tallest Man On Earth does it better than most. He has tapped the roots of American music to write an album of earnest, front porch poetry that will have you smiling before the first four bars have rolled.

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It’s Saturday…

Time for opening the mind to some of life’s last pleasures… poetry and music.

Here’s a few gifts to help your weekend unwind…

The Besnard LakesFor Agent 13

The Besnard Lakes sound hauntingly like The Beach Boys laying down the sound track for a David Lynch film. Their 2007 album The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse is lush and dripping with swirling guitar and sweet falsetto.

Diane WakoskiSlicing Oranges for Jeremiah

I have long admired the work of Diane Wakoski. Her Archaeology of Movies & Books quartet (Medea the Sorceress, Jason the Sailor, The Emerald City of Las Vegas and Argonaut Rose) and Greed poems are still some of the most ambitious writing I have encountered.

John S. HallIt’s Saturday

Best known for fronting King Missile (remember when Detachable Penis made the Triple J Hottest 100?), John S. Hall knows how to makes his words sing on the page as well.


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