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Riverbend Poetry Series Event #3 – featuring Suzanne Jones

There is just under two weeks left until the final event in the Riverbend Poetry Series for 2010. The CD – A Million Bright Things – is now complete and at the printers and the launch is shaping up to be something special. The launch will feature members of the QPF Committee reading a selection of poems from the CD as well as guest performances from Zenobia Frost & Adam Phillips who feature on the CD and Rob Morris, Sheish Money & myself reprising the Vegemite Song (that’s right, this Lost Shark gets to sit behind the kit one more time!).

The CD launch alone will be worth the $10 entry fee, but we are finishing the 2010 series with a bang, launching the 2010 QPF program with readings from the QPF Committee and three of this years featured artists Ynes Sanz, Darkwing Dubs, and the enchanting Suzanne Jones.

Here’s a taste of what Suzanne Jones will bring to the Riverbend Deck:

Set against a backdrop of guitar, keyboard and original electronic soundscapes, poetess and singer songwriter Suzanne Jones weaves words via a tapestry of spoken word narratives and music. Two time finalist in the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup she has been published in the likes of Going Down Swinging, Page Seventeen, Stylus, Cordite, Black Mail Press, Cottonmouth, and Spoken in One Strange Word; she has also featured at WordFood at Woodford Folk Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival and the Australian Poetry Slam; Suzanne is a founding member and committee member of  QLD’s premier experimental spoken word collective ouTsideRs.

Suzanne recently had two poems featured in issue #37 of Stylus Poetry Journal which I am hosting so you can read a sample of her work there or visit: www.myspace.com/suzanne_jones to find out more.

Tickets for the event are still available so check out the details below:

Date: Tuesday 22 June
Location: Riverbend Books, 193 Oxford St. Bulimba
Time: Doors open for the event at 6pm for a 6:30pm start
Tickets: $10 available through Riverbend Books and include sushi and complimentary wine. To purchase tickets, call Riverbend Books on (07) 3899 8555 or book online at http://www.riverbendbooks.com.au/Events/EventDetails.aspx?ID=2253

These events are always hugely popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!

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Riverbend Poetry Series Event #3 featuring Ynes Sanz

The final event in the Riverbend Poetry Series for 2010 is coming up and it is going to be one heck of a celebration! The event will be the launch of the 2010 QLD Poetry Festival program as well as the launch of a new CD – A Million Bright Things – featuring many of the artists from the 2009 QPF Program. And if that is not enough to get the inner poet clicking their heels, there will also be feature performances from the word-spitting, rhyme-spinning Darkwing Dubs, the soulfully elegant Suzanne Jones and the author of some mad and magnificent poems and stories, Ynes Sanz.

I will be posting a feature on each of these artists over the coming weeks, so to kick things off I would like to introduce you (or reintroduce you as it may be) to Ynes Sanz:

Ynes Sanz won the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award in 2005. Her poem ‘Taken as Required’ was short-listed for the 2010 ABR poetry prize.
In 2006/7 Ynes was on the QPF Committee. An experienced workshop presenter, poetry judge and editor, in 2007 she judged the Vallis with John Tranter and Luke Beesley. In 2009 she co-judged the QPF Short Film Competition with Francis Boyle.
Her short stories, haibun and other verse can be found online and in print. Some of her children’s poems and haiku are installed in the Children’s Rainforest Hide’n Seek Trail at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. Publications include Lady with Weasel, SweetWater Press, 2005; Talking Poetry Blues, 2006 and Fanny the Flying Housewife & other stories: poems for mad and magnificent women, 2009.
Ynes is currently working on Flash Harry and other stories: poems about mad and memorable men, a companion volume to Fanny the Flying Housewife.


(Rudolph Valentino, film star)
dear Mr Valentino
can I call you Rudolph
I wish I could visit your marble crypt in Hollywood
and if I could I swear
I would put roses in those metal rose-holder things
but I would not wear black like the Mystery Woman
my friends think you are Some Dead Guy
they don’t know you are Forever Young
I wasn’t even born when you got sick
didn’t they have decent doctors back then
my Nanna said the moment you passed away
a light went out of women’s eyes
she says a man these days is just No-Good
and will treat a woman Like A Slave
but I read how your Mamma spoilt you bad
and you will think I’m crazy but I have to know
did you toss your underwear
in the corner like they all do
or did my Nanna make that up
and were they really made of silk
which I hope they were on account of
you deserve Only The Best and even she agrees
or maybe you wore no undershorts at all
and were A Free Spirit or whatever it was called
before it was called Commando Style
sorry if this is embarrassing
yours truly
a fan

You can read more of Ynes’ work at http://www.commonshrew.blogspot.com/  


And to make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful event, full details are below:

Date: Tuesday 22 June
Location: Riverbend Books, 193 Oxford St. Bulimba
Time: Doors open for the event at 6pm for a 6:30pm start
Tickets: $10 available through Riverbend Books and include sushi and complimentary wine. To purchase tickets, call Riverbend Books on (07) 3899 8555 or book online at www.riverbendbooks.com.au

These events are always hugely popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!

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Another Lost Shark hits the street

I was recently handed the editorial reigns for issue #37 of Stylus Poetry Journal. This morning, I put the finishing touches on it and handed it over to founding editor, Rosanna Licari. The issue will be titled Street/Life and it is brimming with images of equal parts beauty and decay. It features 21 poems from 12 streetwise poets: Emily XYZ, Matt Rader, Hinemoana Baker, Steve Kilbey, Jacqueline Turner, Ashley Capes, Suzanne Jones, Jeremy Balius, Amanda Joy, Andy Jackson, Jessika Tong & Max Ryan.

It will be live online as of April 1 and I ain’t fooling when I say this issue is going to whack your senses and make you want to rush out into the babble of your own streets.

Here’s a poem from one of the Street/Life poets, Amanda Joy to transport you from your computer screen into the caffeine starved streets of morning.


               Cappucino Strip

                    In all seasons,
                    coffee crowd,
                    know each other
                    by face, to nod, 
                    to complain
                    about the stink
                    of sheep piss
                    from the trucks,
                    to point 
                    at the sky & predict
                    the weather

                    each disappears
                    from the street
                    like an actress
                    into a role


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Air for the Birds – Ghostboy & the Brotherhood of the Wordless

If you don’t already have it marked in bright red (or whatever colour takes your fancy) on your 2010 calendar, then grab said pen and mark Saturday January 30, as the day you head across to State Library of QLD to experience Air for the Birds.

Air for the Birds is an inspiring spoken word event, combining the talents of some of Australia’s most well-known performance poets and one of the country’s most unique writing collectives, the Brotherhood of the Wordless. The Brotherhood of the Wordless is comprised of fourteen South-East Queensland writers with autism and other disabilities that preclude speech or the muscle ability required to use keyboards or writing implements. Using the technique of facilitated communication, the Brotherhood works with trusted scribes to bring their powerful thoughts and words to life. The Brotherhood of the Wordless have published a book of collected writing, “Tapping on the Heart of the World”, now in its third reprint. They have featured on ABC Radio National, the Brisbane Writers Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, and members have preformed at the Woodford Folk Festival to a standing ovation.
Working with their facilitators and one of Australia’s premier performance poets, Ghostboy,  the Brotherhood of the Wordless will present performance based texts and poems they have written over the past year with Ghostboy entitled Air for the Birds.  Air for the Birds covers the themes of fantasy and dreams, the face of the “other”, and the voices of the everyday objects central to these writer’s lives.

I recently had the chance to interview Ghostboy and several members of the Brotherhood of the Wordless, to get an insight into the collaboration.

Peter Rowe and Peter Brown with one of the BOW facilitators

Air for the Birds is such a great title for the show; air and breath being such important elements in both the performance and writing of poetry. Tell us about the title’s significance and how it came to life.
Ghostboy: The line is from one of the shows central poems by Peter Rowe – I felt it really summed up the collaboration, the process around their writing with me, and the degree of their dreams and ambitions… and all the guys agreed!

Glenn: it represents freedom of expression, like flying / spreading wings

Lucy: the expectations of flying is so precious to me. the lost capacity of speech is tragic & the need for speech breath is basically not there for us.

Sam P: Freedom.

Peter B: Enjoyment!

Peter R: freedom of expression and the thought of movement / something we do so naturally but so essential to my words

Adrian: freedom! our poetry is like clean air, cleansing our souls.

I was reading an essay by Diane di Prima recently and she was saying that what we are is nothing but a physical instrument, not much different to a musical instrument in some ways and that creation comes only out of changes in the physical instrument. Tell us about how the unique ‘physical instruments’ of this show came together and the creative process involved in developing Air for the Birds?
Ghostboy: The writers wanted to give you some sample lines from their object poems about their facilitation boards & physical environs  – as they are so central to their creative process – to answer this one:
chair takes me places  – Adrian

My chair is my life / It comforts me / It’s chocolate and leather / just for me  – Mike R

Chair / Flat in my legs

And yet a cube in my sign  – Lucy

Straining at the loo / I can’t let this go  – Geoff

the Communication Board feels like my lover

I’m full of gratitude and respect / my beautiful God given board / my life, hope and future    – Glenn

My Board / My true love / my fun time / my friend / my everything. 

You are to me / what air is to a bird.  – Peter R

What have been the highlights of the collaboration?
Sam R: So much fun working with Ghostboy, have really loved being part of this.

Mike: The enthusiasm Ghostboy brought to the sessions has been very inspiring, it has brought new life and energy to my words.

Peter R: This project has brought another level to my work

Peter B: Ghostboy and “air for the birds” ROCK!

Ghostboy: The Brotherhoods creative drive being one of need not ego; the efficiency of their language set against their unbridled energy and spark as physical beings; their ability to direct their own work in terms of the voice required by others reading it; their self-belief as artists – huge!

Finally, what can the audience expect from the show?
Peter B: The audience will be gobsmacked. awestruck, overwhelmed and flabbergasted!!!

Sam P: It will change the way people think about us – both us writers and human beings

Glenn: it will bring further understanding about the autistic world.

Peter R: It will bring another message that we are artistic – not just autistic- and clever.

Mike R: This is a space for us to express ourselves in the outside world.

Rodney: They will see us as poets being part of the most mind blowing dazzling spectacle of fun. fearlessness, and fucking awesome poetry!

The State Library performance will be accompanied by ouTsideRs artists including musician and poet Suzanne Jones (keyboard); renowned avant garde musician Bremen Town Musician (violin), and ouTsideRs award winning spoken word artists Pascalle Burton and Tessa Leon.
Air for the Birds is Presented by the State Library of Queensland, ouTsideRs aRT Inc and Brotherhood of the Wordless.
When                    4pm, Sat 30 Jan
Where                   slq Auditorium 1, level 2
Tickets                 Free, no bookings required
Please note this performance contains some adult themes and is best suited to people aged 16 and over.
And you may want to follow these links: 


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Poet’s Breakfast #4 – Suzanne Jones

Time for that early morning wake up call! It’s Poet’s Breakfast with Suzanne Jones…


Wake up mum, Weetbix time! 2 year olds have no time for pancakes unless its second breakfast and mums always need time for coffee.



maiden sleepover voyage
her father at the helm
a Sunday breakfast


I began to seep
maple trees

saplings at least
walling off

at sixteen leagues
I baked
my own

called my father to table
called my mother to table
called my sister to table


tomorrow I’ll call my son
and husband to table
we shall sit

a veritable sugar house
and eat
our own.

About Suzanne:

Suzanne Jones: Performance poet and co-founder of seZsu, has featured at the likes of Woodford Folk Festival; QLD Poetry Festival; Sydney’s Friend in Hand; and was a member of the first QLD Poetry Slam team; Finalist in the prestigious Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup 2006-2007; Co-winner of the National Poetry Week Open Mic Championship 2005 and QPF Poetry Slam 2006 and 2007 finalist; she released her first chap book, Pregnant & Tongue Tied in 2006.

Find out more:



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