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Stylus Poetry Journal #37 – Street/Life

A while back I was asked to edit issue #37 of Stylus Poetry Journal: Street/Life. This was an exciting prospect… the opportunity to assemble an issue of poetry that breathed life into the streets was irresistable. Since that time, Stylus has experienced some serious server issues, and is currently under repair. But to keep things moving, founding Stylus editor, Rosanna Licari and I have teamed up to bring you the Street/Life issue, via Another Lost Shark. The issue features twelve poets, each of them pulling us deeper into the streets & alleyways, highways and malls, that run like veins through our cities and towns. It has been a joy to work on and I hope that you find as much wisdom in these words as I did. But that’s enough from me… head on over to the Street/Life Issue and get up close and personal with this magnificent dozen:


Amanda Joy
Andy Jackson
Ashley Capes
Emily XYZ
Hinemoana Baker
Jacqueline Turner
Jeremy Balius
Jessika Tong
Matt Rader
Max Ryan
Steve Kilbey
Suzanne Jones

* Reviews and other articles will be uploaded soon.



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