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SpeedPoets fires up this Sunday

First Sunday of the month means SpeedPoets. Over the past 10 years its become one of this life’s special rituals; a well-lit beacon to light the way through the particularly long weeks (you know the ones) and keep the creative spark smouldering.

This Sunday marks the second gig at Brew. The first one was a standout and with features from Phillip Ellis and Mardi Lumsden on offer this month, I am certain Sunday will be a gig to remember. Of course it is you who gives the gig it’s real kick… you, the one who gets up in the open mic and delivers a moment of stillness or madness or revelation. So if you are in town or anywhere in the vicinity, pack a poem in your pocket and come along… we’ll be listening.

SpeedPoets runs from 2pm – 5pm at Brew, Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane City. Here’s the link to a map of where to find it. Entry is a gold coin donation.

And as always, the monthly zine will be available, free-of-charge to the first 40 people through the door. Here’s a couple of poems from the issue:

the pigeons are so fat
here in the city and spring is colder,
swooping in and out
of giant, glass corridors
and terrorising vendors
who steam on the footpath,
scarves nearly covering their words.
I shuffle into a bookstore
and out again,
clutching a brown paper bag
and crossing to the station,
glancing back at the crowd
to watch as they swell
and shatter on the steps
I stop long enough to watch them mutate
into a montage of faces
made lonely by the flat light
and the murmur of distant wheels,
doggedly moving on and into
the steel cocoons that
drive them home.
© Ashley Capes


2 x 3 = 7
after Graham Nunn
A rain gauge
reads aloud foreclosure
notice again
and backwards

filling boredom

Recycling trucks
into garden bed
the sleepers’ creosote
a speed limit

onions sleep at

In weeds
resuscitated lawnmowers
massage a bus stop
tense children

cut introductions from

Slavic accents
pass my geometry
exams I broke
down in, once

like a car

Cocktail glass
organises bubbles
in court houses
unions order law

and fizz out
Tasting its ego
maths hold
the Eiffel Tower
less than vertigo
in genealogy

© Kent MacCarter

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SpeedPoets Feature Poem #4 – Karlo Mila

I haven’t posted a poem from the vast SpeedPoets archives for some time now, but I am currently looking for poems for the June and July issues, so thought the time was right.

If you have any poems that will light up the page (shorter pieces up to 25lines preferred), please email them in the body of your email titled SpeedPoets Submission, to geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au. You can send up to 3 poems per submission. To give you an idea of the type of poem that graces the pages of SpeedPoets, here’s a poem that featured in the September 2007 issue by Karlo Mila.


Brunswick Street
          (For Graham, Jules and Rowan)

your elbows like a
bit of biffo
tigers, dragons whirling
on white skin
broken green glass
on footpath
makes its way
to a necklace
in shop-window
in one smashing
the guys go from
hey gorgeous
to fuck off then bitch
in one rowdy
you met my eyes
I went
I ate my way
across feta footpaths
skidding on passionfruit
pips, oh the unctuous
Greek yogurt feeling up
the strawberries
I’ll be seeing you again
with your wet river
eyes and arid mouth
haiku flicking in the neon
cheers mate
and a drink to those
slim volumes of
open handed people
wringing poetry
from your

© Karlo Mila


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