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Southbank Ginko

Last Sunday, our haiku group descended on Brisbane’s iconic, Southbank Parklands for our weekly ginko (haiku walk). The Spring weather turned it on, and the park was teeming with wildlife of all varieties! Here’s a few poems from the group + a couple of my own:

pink ice cream
a baby sucks
its thumb

Tiggy Johnson


this green place
all my own
one willie wagtail

Rebekah Woodward


in the lily pond
catfish eyes

Lyndon Norton


city beach
all the fathers running
like children

Graham Nunn

the tarot reader slips
out of character

Trish Reid


breeze ruffles
a seagull’s snowy chest
cloudless sky

Corrie MacDonald


hot sun
Pauls milk sign spoils
the view

Lee-Anne Davie


white stains
by the ice cream stall
sacred ibis

Andrew Phillips


waiting for you
the bouganvilla
pours out its song

Graham Nunn

photopraphy by Corrie MacDonald



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