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Let The Cameras Roll… the QLD Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge

For the past five years, the Queensland Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge has  been exploring the place where poetic expression and audio-visual technology collide and submissions for the 2011 Challenge are now welcome! 

QPF challenges filmmakers, video artists, poets, and all multimedia practitioners to create a short work (5 mins max); a record of poetry performance, a video text manipulation or something entirely different. We are looking for originality; creativity; a piece that shows your understanding of the many varied and wonderful possibilities of language. 

The winner will be announced at the 2011 Queensland Poetry Festival and the winning entry, along with a selection of shortlisted entries, will be screened at the festival (26 – 28 August). 

And the prize… well, $500 is up for grabs!

This year’s selection panel consists of Jacob Polley (2011 Arts QLD Poet-in-Residence), Francis Boyle (QPF Program Committee) and Sarah Gory (QPF Manager)

Entries close 5pm, Friday 15 July 2011.  Visit the Awards section of www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com for guidelines and entry forms.

Get those camera’s rolling!

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The Curve of Forgotten Things

Last night, the world should have been at InSpire Gallery Bar taking in the wonderfully loose sounds of Sheish Money & Namedropper, who were joined on stage by a number of local poets; dropping their words in and out of the bluesy jams that Sheish & co. play so well. There was a wildness in the air last night, a sense of something urgent, that creative spark… I got up and performed a handful of my own poems and a handful of poems by one of my favourite Australian poets, Max Ryan.  It was rocking! And today the rush is bound to continue as Sheish & I head back to InSpire to celebrate 10 years of SpeedPoets, or as we like to say, 10 Years On Speed!

So to slow things down a little this morning, I watched the gorgeously filmed (and scored) short, The Curve of Forgotten Things, which takes its name from the title of a Richard Brautigan poem. If the sun is not shining in your part of the world, then ths may just bring the warmth you are looking for. Deerhunter’s ambient score pulses and soars and Elle Fanning is mesmeric. The perfect Sunday morning viewing…

And for all you Brautigan lovers… here’s the poem, from which the film takes its name.

                                   The Curve of Forgotten Things

                                              Things slowly curve out of sight
                                              Until they are gone. Afterwards
                                              Only the curve

Happy Sunday to you…


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Rabbits in the Lights

The latest issue of Rabbit Light Movies is now live and streaming… If you have never indulged in the pleasures of Rabbit Lights, it is a journal of poemfilms, in many cases, showcasing the poet reading their work. There are some great readings in this latest issue.

Emily Kendall Frey’s opening line cracked me up:

You are so sad, you are actually broccoli

Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s poem claws at the stupidity of US Representative Betty Brown and Rachel Zolf’s, The Neighbour Procedure, is wonderfully strange.

And remember, it’s Sunday… stretch out into these poems. Let them lead you by the hand into their reality… don’t rush.


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QLD Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge

QLD Poetry Festival’s coveted Filmmakers Challenge is now open for submission!

The Queensland Poetry Festival challenges Australian filmmakers, video artists and other multimedia practitioners to produce a short work (5 minutes max) which explores the possibilities of poetic expression via audio visual technology.

Poetry is defined broadly as memorable language. Your work might be a record of a poetry performance, a video text manipulation or something entirely different. We are looking for work that displays creativity, originality and an understanding of possibilities of language.

A prize of $500 is up for grabs and the winner will be announced at the 2010
Queensland Poetry Festival (27-29 August, 2010). A selection of entries will be screened at The Wrong End of the Kaleidoscope session at QPF on Sunday, August 29, 2010.

The deadline for entries is close of business Friday August 6, 2010. Download the entry form from the Awards Section of www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

Look forward to seeing your poetry light up the big screen!

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Ah Pook + Poetry Publishing for the 21st Century

It’s Saturday and the sun is shining outside, so to get your minds limbered up check out this short film of Burroughs’ all purpose bedtime story, Ah Pook is Here.

Ah Pook is Here is a collaboration between Burroughs and artist Malcolm McNeill. Originally conceived as a graphic novel, it was published (text only) in 1979 after several attempts to get the project off the ground. Thankfully the artwork has been rediscovered and is now being exhibited in the USA.

Here’s a link to see the artwork.

And here’s the link to the film

And don’t forget the QPF Filmmakers Challenge is now open so get your entries in.

Now that you have got your fix of film, art and Burroughs check out this article by Timothy Green (editor of Rattle) on poetry publishing for the 21st Century. He makes some really interesting points about the current model of online publishing (including a link to the Top 50 Literary Journals Online), and gives his view on a way forward for small press publishers. Well worth the read friends!

Poetry Publishing for the 21st Century by Timothy Green.

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Poetry & Film

With the QLD Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge now open, I have been checking out some short poetry films and thought I would share links to a couple that really hit me…

Check these two out:

As Planned by Frank O’Hara

The Postmans Privilege by Sam Wagan Watson

Hope they get the sparks flying… and remember, all the details for the QPF Filmmakers Challenge are here.


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