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Haikunaut Island & Issa’s Snail

For those of you who may not have checked out the Haikunaut Island interactive renga over at Cordite, the 36th link has now been finalised and the renga is complete (and if you are not sure what a renga is they provide this great link to find out more).

There has been an amazing response to the renga with over 100o haiku/links submitted, so this Lost Shark feels pretty excited to have had one of his ‘ku selected.

My haiku:

                    morning meditation
                    a crow disrupts my shadow

was selected for link 34.

The Haikunaut Island Renga is definitely worth checking out and if it looks like something you would like to participate in, Ashley Capes has just started another interactive renga at his blog Issa’s Snail.

All are welcome to contribute over at Issa’s Snail, so hope to read many new ku from all of you over there. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on how it develops.


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