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Big Days Ahead: Radiohead / Air for the Birds

Two massive events are on my doorstep!

Tomorrow night, Jules and I are off to see Radiohead, which has a wonderfully cyclic feeling to it, as we were both in the audience last time they played Brisbane in 1998 (Festival Hall how I miss you). For any of you who were there, Jules was the girl at the front of the stage who was handed Thom Yorke’s shirt. Seems like yesterday…

Click on the image below to watch the band playing live at Coachella in HD. The full set!!! Roll on Friday…

And then I have the honour of launching The Brotherhood of the Wordless’s new dual collection, ‘Air for the Birds / Big Thoughts from the Frightened Well’ on Saturday afternoon at State Library of QLD.

If you don’t already have the details, here they are… if you are in town, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Brotherhood of the Wordless
Sat 10 Nov, 4pm | State Library of Queensland
Free, bookings slq.eventbrite.com 3840 7768

Join the Brotherhood of the Wordless and performance poet David “Ghostboy” Stavanger, as they celebrate the launch of their doubled-sided collection of poetry: Air for the Birds / Big Thoughts from the Frightened Well.

The Brotherhood is made up of writers with autism and other disabilities that preclude speech or the muscle ability required to use keyboards or pens. Through facilitated communication, the Brotherhood work with trusted scribes to bring their powerful thoughts and words to life. This collection (edited by David Stavanger) sees the Brotherhood collate selections of work from their first two acclaimed poetry shows created with Ghostboy, as well as a few new pieces as well.

Witness the Brotherhood take to the stage, performing samples of their work accompanied by Richard Grantham (Deep Blue Orchestra / Ghostboy with Golden Virtues) on viola, loops and keys. The launch will also feature a special guest performance by ACT’s bohemian playwright and gypsy slam champion Adam Hadley (Mr Fibby).

Air for the Birds / Big Thoughts from the Frightened Well will be available for purchase at the event, and has been created with the financial support of the Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund.


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Jumping the Poetic Hurdle – what can we learn from the music industry?

All this music talk has got me interested in how the literary establishment can learn from the music industry. We all remember the death of the music industry articles that were circulating at the start of this decade, how the industry was haemorrhaging with the invent of Napster and other download technology. Well the Jumping the Poetic Hurdle interviews I did recently tell a similar story… So, this Lost Shark has been doing some reading and thought these articles were well worth sharing. We may stand to learn alot from what the music industry has been through.

Can the publishing industry learn from the music industry?

Why Amazon Should Try a “Radiohead Experiment” on the Kindle

What If the Kindle Succeeds?

What the literary establishment must learn from Hip-Hop

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