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Another Lost Shark in the news

My head is well and truly swimming with poetry… QPF 2010 was an unforgettable weekend, but more on that later… tonight is for dreaming.

There is however one thing I would love to share with you all. Poetry as we all know rarely gets alot of airtime in major newspapers, so it was a rush to be featured in a 6 page spread – Thrill of the Quill – in The Courier Mail’s glossy weekend liftout, QWeekend on Saturday (Aug 28).

In the article, Frances Whiting talks to QLD stalwarts, Bruce Dawe and David Rowbotham; one of the fresh young faces in Brisbane poetry, Zenobia Frost; UQP Poetry Editor, Felicity Plunkett; editor of Jacket Magazine, John Tranter and myself to get the lowdown on the poetry scene past,  present and future.

Here’s a link to download the article – Poetry is not Dead_Courier Mail – Qweekend_28 August 2010.



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and the silence is ruptured…

QPF 2010 opened with the sound of minds being blown…

Here’s a few quick pics from John Wainwright to give you a taste of the experience: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/wainwright.john/QPFPoetryRUPTURETHESILENCE?authkey=Gv1sRgCL68gp_SxI2iWQ&feat=email#

More updates and pics to come as the weekend unfolds.

And if you are in QLD, head out and pick up a copy of today’s Courier Mail. Sheish Money and this Lost Shark have a full page photo in the QWeekend liftout, and the article by Frances Whiting is well worth a read. She interviews David Rowbothom, Bruce Dawe, Felicity Plunkett, John Tranter, Zenobia Frost & myself, and there is a great selection of poetry scattered throughout.

Poetry is shining this weekend! See you at the festival: www.queenslandpoetryfestival.com

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