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The Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project: What we achieved

Well, this Lost Shark has been busier than usual this past month, but it has been the best kind of busy imaginable. I have now (just about) finished processing all of the orders received as part of the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project and I am thrilled to say, that the response has been staggeringly positive.

So far I have posted off 104 books, totalling a massive $1560 and on top of this, I also received a further $145 in extra donations. And of course, I pledged at the very beginning of this project to contribute $5 for every book sold, so I will be throwing in another $520, which brings the total to $2225.

I cannot thank enough, the 50+ people who got behind this project. Together, we have achieved something that I consider to be remarkable.

So from me and the many Queenslanders who will benefit from your generous support, I just want to say…

thank you, your hearts are the size of the ocean.


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Writers On Rafts

The wonderful folk at QLD Writers Centre have banded together with local literary luminary, Rebecca Sparrow (The Girl Most Likely) to create the brilliant, Writers on Rafts project, to raise money for the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. More than 150 Australian authors, including Nick Earls, Tara Moss, Kate Morton, Mem Fox and this Lost Shark have climbed aboard the raft to pledge their support, offering prizes such as signed books, school/book club visits, manuscript appraisals and the opportunity to be immortalised in print by having a character named after you.

So how can you get on board you ask? Well, to enter Writers on Rafts go to http://www.writersonrafts.com

From there, you can purchase as many tickets as you like in as many categories as you want! Every ticket is one chance to win for a lucky person in every state and territory. And most importantly, every dollar goes directly to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal to help victims of the Queensland floods. The draw will be conducted on Friday February 25 and QWC’s goal is to raise $10,000 through Writers On Rafts.

So, if you can help out, please do… your support is precious in helping to raise much needed funds to support the victims of the Queensland floods.

And please… spread the word!


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Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project Powers On

                                                           still water
                                                           every cloud turns
                                                           into a dead lamb

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Appeal. We are just a hair away from the $2000 mark now, and there are still six days to get behind this and lend a much needed hand… so, if you can dig deep, spread the word via your networks – both social and real – if you can shout the details from the roof top or whisper them into someone’s ear, your help would be greatly appreciated. Places like Rockhampton have experienced secondary flooding this week caused by serious storms, so there is still much to be done to rebuild this beautiful state of ours.

I will post full details of funds raised once the project closes on January 26.


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Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project

All around the world, images of our beautiful state of QLD going under water are causing distress and heartache. In my own life, there are people near to me who are facing possible evacuation and incredible loss. It is nothing short of catastrophic… and I want to give back.

Poetry has always been a hopeful force in my life, so I have decided to use all revenue from my book, Ocean Hearted, to raise funds for flood relief in QLD. Here’s my plan…

I will donate 100% of all sales to flood relief and to add to that, I will personally give an extra $5 for every book sold. Copies of Ocean Hearted can be purchased for the regular price of $15 (incl. postage) via paypal or cheque / money order.

To order a copy/copies and give to this important cause, email me at geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au with the subject heading ‘Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project’ and we can arrange payment method from there.

If you already have copies, I encourage you to give them as a gift… so if you can help, please dig deep, and spread the word to all your networks. Together, we can make a difference.

All monies will be given to: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html


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