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Another Lost Shark joins the Authors for Peace Reading

Tuesday September 21 is the International Day of Peace and to celebrate the International Literature Festival Berlin is putting on a day of readings that will be broadcast across the globe.

Priya Basil, one of the key organsiers of the event has this to say about Authors for Peace:

“Art cannot stop wars, but great literature – more than any other art – has the power to help people understand one another better. If we can do this, there’s a chance for conflict resolution and even harmony. The goal of all writers – whatever the causes they support, whatever the themes that preoccupy them, whatever the form or language in which they express themselves – is to negotiate the unmapped territory between us and the other: to conquer, word by word, the distances that seem too vast, too daunting, too unknowable. When writers succeed, readers too are able to bridge differences they previously conceived impossible.”

And I have to say, I am feeling really honoured to have been invited to be one of the readers on the day, I mean, I will be reading on the same bill as one of my all time poetry heroes, Ko Un. You can check out the full list of authors here.

So why not, clear the decks on Tuesday September 21, make yourself comfortable in front of your computer and help map the distance between one another. I will be reading from my latest collection Ocean Hearted as well as a selection of some of my favourite poets at 11:30am (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Links to the live video stream will be available here (late) on Monday September 20.


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