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Haiku in Translation

Got some exciting news today that a second haiku has been published in translation (in Chinese) at NeverEnding Story, by poet, publisher and translator, Chen-ou Liu. To know that this poem will be read in more than one language is a great honour. Here is a link to read the poem and the translations (yes, there are two).

And as you may know, it is a tradition of mine that with every haiku published, I compose a new one to celebrate. This one is fresh from rolling around my head …


stone buddha
the thought of myself
at peace


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It’s show time here in Brisbane… one of my favourite times of year. So to celebrate, here’s a new haiku capturing a little bit of the Ekka experience.


into the lights
of the ferris wheel
the smell of cow shit


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winter sun: a haiku sequence

This morning, while thousands pounded the pathways of the City Botanic Gardens as part of the Brisbane Marathon, eight of us walked, sat and opened our minds to the lush green landscape, the chorus of birds, the emptiness of sky. This was the third in the QPF ginko series, and while it was officially the ‘winter ginko’, the sun had a sneaky bite to it. I will be posting a handful of poems from the eight poets who joined me this week, but for now, here’s a handful of poems I collected today.


winter sun
the ball in
the collie’s eyes


shooing the ibis
she lets the toddler


V of gulls
in love with the shape
of the river


finish line
the marathon runner drags
his shadow


in the bamboo grove
the wind rattles on


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Nocturne for Eleanor

her face next to mine and
we are kissing so deeply
we unlock the soft darkness
inside each other

its naked endlessness
blood and wonder



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Eleanor prepares


a blood orange
slit like a magician’s trick

two cheeks of light
so beautiful

a passing bee
loses itself in

the unkinking
scarf of juice


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To a Stone

[for Ko Un]

You were thrown from a bridge
left to drown
in what remains of the drought-
stricken river.

Today I find your body
caked in mud
unaware of the violent days ahead:

the tens
hundreds, no thousands of beatings
that reduce
everything we know to sand.


[This is another poem I wrote during my weekend in Blackall… it is a hard land, and the people working it are currently doing it very tough. These are the words I found to try and tell a little of their story.]


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Autumn Ginko at Boondall Wetlands

Tomorrow, I will be will be trekking around the gorgeous Boondall Wetlands with ten other haiku enthusiasts on our autumn ginko.


If the weather stays like it is today – early 20’s and endless blue – it is going to be beautiful to be near the water in a haiku state of mind. Here’s one that I have been rolling around in my head this morning…


autumn light
promise we’ll see
each other again


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