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The Value of Poetry Critique/Criticism

I have recently been checking out the 10 Questions posts on the blog Very Like A Whale.

I was particularly interested in the responses given when 10 poets were asked to comment on a passage from the article Why Poetry Criticism Sucks by Kristin Prevallet (first published in Jacket Magazine).

The passage reads:

It is very difficult to write poetry criticism and not have poets feel personally maimed […]. For some reason poetry criticism does not advance the formal, intellectual, or contextual parameters of poetry. It always gets confused with the personal.”


While I feel that poetry critque/criticism has become less rigorous and is used now more as a marketing tool, I cannot help but think that genuinely well written criticism; criticism that is thought out, crafted, researched, unbiased is vital for both the poet and poetry.

But that is just my humble opinion… I would love to hear from many of you to hear your thoughts.

I also recommend reading the responses to this passage on Very Like A Whale… some real food for thought. Read the responses here.


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