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It’s show time here in Brisbane… one of my favourite times of year. So to celebrate, here’s a new haiku capturing a little bit of the Ekka experience.


into the lights
of the ferris wheel
the smell of cow shit


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ghost train
seeing the boy
the scream belongs to


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Into the blue of August
a balloon has left
without saying goodbye.

Boys and girls
throw up their arms
as the roller-coaster crests.

Such a lonely dialogue.


The 10 days of the Ekka produced some moments that will remain etched in memory…

One such moment was when this gentleman approached the stage just as we were about to kick off and asked us if we were going to play some rock’n’roll. Sheish aptly replied, I think what we do is rock’n’roll. The gentleman smiled, shook his hand and said ‘great, my name is Roy Lynes, I was the original keyboard player for Status Quo. You may have heard of them.’ We nearly fell over!

And Michael O’Neill who came along to see us everyday and joined us many times on stage for a poem, never failed to surprise us at the end of each gig with a new drawing. At the end of the 10 days he presented Sheish and I with a poster, collecting many of the drawings and photos he had taken. Here’s one of them.

No wonder I love the Ekka! ‘Til next year…


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Day Ten

After ten red daybreaks
and evenings of swirling lights

I turn my poems into breath
and scatter them

for the birds to continue
their hushed rise and fall.

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In the Shed

Taking no notice
I step in a fresh cow turd

so glad you are hear to
this joy

how its smell sweetens
the city.


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As you take
your first breath
the sky is empty of clouds.

There are only seconds
in your heart
but so much wisdom.


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Show Day

Fireworks blooming over Machinery Hill
thrill rides looming behind me
and in between
a thousand silly heads.

Maybe tomorrow the sky will come out.

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