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It’s show time here in Brisbane… one of my favourite times of year. So to celebrate, here’s a new haiku capturing a little bit of the Ekka experience.


into the lights
of the ferris wheel
the smell of cow shit


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The Ekka 2010: pics and poems

Today is the last day of The Ekka for 2010. Sheish and I played our last show yesterday afternoon and we went off with a bang… the crowd responding with whoops and hollers and people coming to the front of stage at the end of the set to talk and thank us for our performance. This is what I love most about The Ekka… the generosity and kindness it brings out in the human spirit. It really does widen the smile on everyone’s face!

So with a little sadness in this weary heart (8 gigs in a row + a stint drumming for Sheish Money’s band last night at The Step Inn is seriously tiring), I post these pics captured at the 2010 Ekka by Cindy Keong and a few of the haiku she was responding to. Ah yes… another project emerges, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about this later in the year. 


                                                                people’s day
                                                                the whirling lights
                                                                of thrill rides

                                                                   dappled sky
                                                                   the appaloosa’s
                                                                   perfect run 

                                                                  watching the fireworks
                                                                  in people’s eyes




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Five ways of looking at the River

Yesterday turned on some of the most perfect weather… and Brunswick Heads is definitely as beautiful as I remember. Here’s a quick look at a handful of photos from the trip.

                                     all photographs by Cindy Keong


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Love Letter to Bramble Bay



ghost the shore

                                                          the hard pods
of sheoak spray their seed
across the path

                                                          and my words disappear 

                                                          like stones
skipped across a wave

                                                          sinking through
the pages of water.


                                                      Stately Queenslanders, convalesce
guard the shoreline;
ghosts of old men
cast in the shadow of jetty lights.

Eroded hardwood pillars
now remnants of your playground;
the pioneering spirit lingers
in the slow bite of rust.

Rolling tide,
churns forth your memory;
as the sea circles my ankles
I am written into your pages.





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Ocean Songs

                                                                               photo by Cindy Keong

My heart is never far from the ocean, but the pull of the salt has been even stronger these last few weeks…  I am currently putting the finishing touches on my next full length collection and have recently begun work on a really exciting multimedia project with photographer Cindy Keong. Both of these projects will be titled Ocean Hearted… so with that in mind, I have been soundtracking my silences with ocean songs. Here’s a few of the songs that have been washing over me.

Restless Waves – The Dirty Three

Taut and sensuous… Restless Waves pulls you deep into the blue. Ellis’ swelling violin, drifts elegantly over the gentle roll and tumble of the rhythms of Jim White and Mick Turner. And the bare-bone silences flesh out the aquatic journey. This is music to up anchor and drift away…

The North Sound – British Sea Power

Taken from the stunning Man of Aran album released this year, The North Sound is a jagged slice of melancholy. The band combine stillness and grandeur to create the soundtrack to Robert Flaherty’s film Man of Aran. The result is a broodingly atmospheric masterpiece and would have to rate as one of the most innovative releases of the year.

You Me And The Sea – The Gin Club

For me, the highpoint of The Gin Club’s 2008 release, Junk. You Me and the Sea, is the sound of a body, giving itself back to the ocean. As Salter declares, ‘my eyes the pearls that last/ my bones of coral make’, all wonder ceases… and then ‘forever there’ll just be/ you me and the sea’. Heartbreakingly beautiful stuff.


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Jetty Lights

                                                                        photo by Cindy Keong


Jetty Lights

the quiet of midnight
lost in fishermen’s lights

the seabreeze blowing gulls
& a full moon slipping through

we walk side by side, you
dreaming your quiet music

the pylons gently
played by the waves.



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Black Stump Blues part IX – Kite Hawk

Kite Hawk

First over the swimming pool,
then the arts centre, town and river
on wings that make such minor strokes.

Tourists name them falcon, or
eagle, yet they are at best
predatory beauty.


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Black Stump Blues part VIII – Night of the Woolscour

I am still dearly missing Blackall’s big skys and open landscapes… here’s a few photos from a night I spent at the Woolscour. The light and sound of this place is something to be experienced. Hinemoana Baker who I traveled with recorded lots of audio at the Woolscour, so I am sure we will be hearing some of these sounds in the not too distant future …



Walking toward the Woolscour at night, steam rising off the open bore.



This big old boiler was used to produce steam for the engines.



A neat stack of Gidyea … this is tough timber.



Like something out of ‘Saw’, these claws separated the wool.



And the old Federal still ticks over …


More info about the Woolscour can be found at: http://www.heritagetrails.qld.gov.au/attractions/blackall.html

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Black Stump Blues part VI – By the Window


                                                            the lowing of cattle
drowns in itself
all night.



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Black Stump Blues part IV – First Morning in Blackall


The lowing of cattle
on a winter morning
a cockatoo’s rasp
a dove’s coo:
these are yearned for
in the city
as smog hangs
in snaky folds
above the children
who take to the street
with crumpled raincoats
and small boots kicking at stones.


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