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The publishing game…

WQ, the monthly magazine published by QLD Writers Centre never fails to come up with the goods… especially when it comes to tackling the job of submitting your poetry to journals and magazines.

Often I sit and look at my work and wonder where I will send it… and often by the time I have looked around, I have lost both the energy and enthusiasm for the job I sat down to do. Let’s face it, it’s a relatively daunting task.

But WQ, is one place that I can always turn for inspiration and the June issue is literally overflowing with it.

The article Big Game by Ronnie Scott (from The Lifted Brow) is so much more than just a good read. He has done his homework and it is homework that can pay off for you! In the article he looks at eight Australian literary magazines and journals, and presents you with information about how many submissions they receive, what there acceptance rate is, what they pay and importantly what each one is looking for – poetry, non-fiction, short fiction etc…

The magazines he looks at include:

Small Room

All of which could provide a home for your poetry! He also discusses the new Australia Council website – Literary Magazines Australia, which profiles 10 Australia Council funded magazines, including Heat, Meanjin, Island, Overland, Wet Ink and Southerly.

And to make this post even richer, I would urge anyone looking for a place to send their poems to also check out:

Red Leaves
Famous Reporter
Page Seventeen

This is not all encompassing but I hope it offers those looking to submit their work to print journals a good starting point. And hey, if you have any favourite places, drop their details in a comment… the more homes for poetry, the merrier!


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page seventeen poetry competition

There are some fine poetry opportunities on the horizon and the 2010 page seventeen poetry competition is one of them. I have been asked to judge this year’s competition, so in preparation I revisited the winning poems from 2009 (judged by Nathan Curnow) and have posted my thoughts about the winning poems as part of my guest blog – ‘Donning the page seventeen jersey’ – over at the new page seventeen site. Entry forms and other details about the competition are also available for download, as are the general submission guidelines, so head on over and check it out… last years winners, Black Swans by Chloe Wilson and Botanic by Ashley Capes have set the bar high!

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Jumping the Poetic Hurdle (part 6) – an interview with Tiggy Johnson

To continue the discussion about the publication and distribution of poetry in Australia, I thought it would be interesting to speak with publishers of literary journals both in print and online. First up I spoke with Tiggy Johnson from literary annual, page seventeen.


As a small, independent publisher, what do you see are the major challenges for the publication and distribution of poetry in the 21st century?

This is a tough one and probably something I don’t tend to think about a lot. Maybe I should, and, after engaging in discussions about this with other small, independent publishers, I often come away feeling like there’s heaps more for me to do. But, if I am honest with myself, I think it might be more suitable that I stay perhaps somewhat naïve as, if I spend too much time and energy worrying about publication and particularly distribution of poetry, it would all seem too hard and I’d possibly give it all away.

This is possibly a luxury I can afford given I am such a small publisher, producing only one literary journal per year. At times, I have considered producing additional titles, but other than the time commitment (that I don’t currently have), I guess the idea of marketing and distribution turns me off a little. For now, I am happy with the success of page seventeen and doing the distribution myself.

I feel it’s unlikely that there will be a solution to distribution in the near future.


Why is it that poetry, an art that arguably best reflects the speed at which we absorb ideas, information and imagery, is being neglected by corporate publishing houses and distributors throughout Australia?

Perhaps if Jamie Durie were to write a collection this might change? And really, we probably don’t want that. It’s all about the money. Everyone knows there’s no money in publishing poetry. Independent publishers publish poetry for other reasons, such as its cultural value, and accept that they may sell enough copies only to ensure they may continue to publish more.


Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? What is the future of poetry publishing and distribution?

I don’t see a light as far as distribution of actual books goes, but there are more poetry journals appearing online. This will help ensure poetry remains available to readers as well as potentially helping the (non-poetry-reading) public to become more aware of its existence. Advances in printing technology also help ensure books are still being produced. Printing costs wouldn’t be viable for page seventeen if it weren’t for digital technology.


What is on the horizon for page seventeen?

Mostly more of the same. Issue 7 in 2009. I’m not currently looking to produce anything additional to the annual issue of page seventeen.

However things are changing from the inside with procedures and so on. With the current issue (Issue 6), I stepped aside from reading submissions, and adopted an editorial committee. This proved to be successful for everyone involved, and so it will continue to happen. I guess we are moving from a journal that not only promotes the published work of new writers (along those who are more established, of course) to a publisher that provides additional opportunities to those ‘new’ to the field in other ways too.

In 2009 we will be running our short story and poetry competition again and will also be accepting general submissions. We are changing the general submission guidelines too, so look out for those, along with a new cover sheet.


About Tiggy:

Tiggy Johnson is the editor/publisher of the annual literary journal page seventeen. She also writes fiction and poetry, some of which can be found in Cordite, paper wasp, kipple, The Mozzie and on Melbourne (Connex) trains as part of the Moving Galleries exhibition. She was awarded 2nd prize in the Herald-Sun Short Story Competition 2004, and her short story collection Svetlana or otherwise was published in 2007 (Mockingbird/Ginninderra Press).

Find out more:


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