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Another Lost Shark Christmas Sale

With the Little Lost Shark at home, I have been doing a bit of cleaning up and have come across a handful of Brisbane New Voices Vol. 1 (feat. Jonathan Hadwen & Fiona Privitera) and Vol. 2 (feat. John Koenig & Chris Lynch). I have also come across a few other bits and bobs, such as a copy of Pan Magazine and 3 copies of the latest Going Down Swinging (Book & CD). So with Christmas approaching, I thought it would be a good time to have a bit of a sale…

Here’s the deal… mix and match any two items (e.g. BNV I + Going Down Swinging) for the price of $18 incl. postage and I will send them off to you, wherever you may be in the wonderful world.

If you would like three items (e.g. BNV I + BNV II + Pan Magazine), you can have them for $25 incl. postage.

But as you can see with the limited numbers above, you will have to get in quick!

To order, simply email me at geenunn(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au with the subject heading: Another Lost Shark Christmas Sale stating which items you want and I will let you know if they are still available. We can then arrange payment: paypal, direct deposit, cheque, money order etc… we can work something out!

Happy December 1 to you all!


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The Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project: What we achieved

Well, this Lost Shark has been busier than usual this past month, but it has been the best kind of busy imaginable. I have now (just about) finished processing all of the orders received as part of the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project and I am thrilled to say, that the response has been staggeringly positive.

So far I have posted off 104 books, totalling a massive $1560 and on top of this, I also received a further $145 in extra donations. And of course, I pledged at the very beginning of this project to contribute $5 for every book sold, so I will be throwing in another $520, which brings the total to $2225.

I cannot thank enough, the 50+ people who got behind this project. Together, we have achieved something that I consider to be remarkable.

So from me and the many Queenslanders who will benefit from your generous support, I just want to say…

thank you, your hearts are the size of the ocean.


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Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project Powers On

                                                           still water
                                                           every cloud turns
                                                           into a dead lamb

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Appeal. We are just a hair away from the $2000 mark now, and there are still six days to get behind this and lend a much needed hand… so, if you can dig deep, spread the word via your networks – both social and real – if you can shout the details from the roof top or whisper them into someone’s ear, your help would be greatly appreciated. Places like Rockhampton have experienced secondary flooding this week caused by serious storms, so there is still much to be done to rebuild this beautiful state of ours.

I will post full details of funds raised once the project closes on January 26.


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Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project

All around the world, images of our beautiful state of QLD going under water are causing distress and heartache. In my own life, there are people near to me who are facing possible evacuation and incredible loss. It is nothing short of catastrophic… and I want to give back.

Poetry has always been a hopeful force in my life, so I have decided to use all revenue from my book, Ocean Hearted, to raise funds for flood relief in QLD. Here’s my plan…

I will donate 100% of all sales to flood relief and to add to that, I will personally give an extra $5 for every book sold. Copies of Ocean Hearted can be purchased for the regular price of $15 (incl. postage) via paypal or cheque / money order.

To order a copy/copies and give to this important cause, email me at geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au with the subject heading ‘Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project’ and we can arrange payment method from there.

If you already have copies, I encourage you to give them as a gift… so if you can help, please dig deep, and spread the word to all your networks. Together, we can make a difference.

All monies will be given to: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html


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Poetry Picks of 2010 + Ocean Hearted Christmas Special

It’s just about stumps for 2010, so I have sent electronic transmissions to some of the sharpest word artists in this country to get the lowdown on the poetry books/magazines/journals that have lit a fire inside them. So keep your eyes on the shark over the next few days for some hot poetry tips…

And while you are checking out the words that have sent off sparks inside the heads of these poets, why not leave a comment with your own poetry selections for the year… I’d love to hear about the books/magazines/journals you have not been able to put down!

And as we are celebrating 2010’s poetry releases, I am offering readers the chance to order a copy of Ocean Hearted + receive a copy of Brisbane New Voices I – featuring Jonathan Hadwen and Fiona Privitera for the very christmasy price of $15 (incl. postage anywhere in the world).

To order, email me at geenunn(at)yahoo.com.au with the subject Ocean Hearted Order and we can arrange payment methods from there.

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A Roomful of Love

Graham’s book came out in a roomful of love / the art of creating good vibes as fine a gift as uplifting a rainy night w/ poems

                                                                                        — emily xyz

These few words by Emily XYZ, so beautifully capture my experience of last night’s gig at Confit Bistro. The room was packed with family & friends and the words felt like they were singing inside of me.

Sheish opened proceedings with a set of songs that had the audience leaning in… his gift as a storyteller was front and centre throughout the set. He took us on a journey of his coming to Brisbane and the various abodes he has dwelled in; his playing (guitar and keys) as elegantly understated as I have ever seen it.

Next up Rob Morris opened his set of poems with a new piece that embodied one lost traveller and took the audience deep into the heart of the Valley. Rob continued to cast his spell throughout, finishing with one of my favourites, The Night Mike Furber Smiled Back At Me. The opening line:

They pulled down Christies the year cancer pulled down dad, remember?

still hits with a wild force every time I hear it.

And then there was a surprise appearance from James Griffin, who had phoned me earlier in the day to let me know he was in town and wanted to catch up. A real moment of synchronicity… James delivered a spoken version of Black Crow Road. It was dark and hypnotic…

On the crow road
I can hear the bottleneck slide
On the black crow road
Drifting down the darkening sky
Drifting down the sheltering sky

the perfect entry point for Sheish and I to take stage and deliver a swirling set of poems and songs.

And then, like the words and music, the conversation flowed… Night’s like this come all to infrequently in a lifetime. Night’s when the room is alight with love and poetry.


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SpeedPoets team up with Page Seventeen

The first Sunday of the month is sacred in these waters… nothing (or let’s say next to nothing) comes between this Lost Shark and SpeedPoets. But the first Sunday in August is even a little more special than usual, as SpeedPoets, Brisbane’s longest running poety/spoken word event is teaming up with one of this country’s finest literary journals, Page Seventeen to offer one local writer the chance to have their work published in issue #8 as well as win a pretty cool little book package including back issues of Page Seventeen and a range of other quality journals and poetry collections.

What are we looking for? Poems that dance on page and stage. Poems that create their own music, that beat their own drum. Poems that beg to be heard again and again and again and… well you get the picture.

The rules of entry are simple:

1.  Sign on for the Page Seventeen/SpeedPoets Open Mic Competition will commence at 2pm

2. Each poet will be given 3mins to perform/read their poem (without musical accompaniment). Each poem read must be the original work of the poet.

3. Each poet must place a typed/neatly handwritten copy of their poem in the judges box at the conclusion of their reading.

4. Judges will consider the poem in its oral and written form.

5. The winning poem will be published in issue #8 of Page Seventeen and the poet will receive a book/CD pack.

(NB. Judges decisions on the day will be final and no further corresspondence will be entered into)

There will also be free zines, the monthly raffle and much, much more…

So for your monthly poetry hit, get along to InSpire Gallery Bar, 71 Vulture St West End this Sunday, August 1 from 2pm. I wouldn’t be anywhere else!

SpeedPoets, Sunday August 1, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
InSpire Gallery Bar
– 71 Vulture St. West End

Entry is a gold coin donation

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A few days with Salt on the Tongue pt. 1

Well I am finally back in home waters and my head is leaking poetry, thanks to an incredible weekend in Goolwa + Tuesday night’s Riverbend Books reading & last night’s Back Room event at Confit Bistro.

So my thoughts on the Salt on the Tongue festival…

Let me start by saying that Goolwa is beautiful country and it was a true privilege to be welcomed to the land by Aunty Eileen of the

Ngarrindjeri people, in traditional language as part of the festival’s opening night celebration. Other highlights of opening night were the debut screening of a film produced by Joe Dolce, featuring one of the last ever interviews with the late Dorothy Porter, detailing her love of C.P. Cavafy and the festival launch speech by Stefano De Pieri, best known for his television series A Gondola on the Murray and his work with the Mildura Writers Festival. Stefano spoke passionately about the land and the devastation of the Murray River as a result of the years of irrigation; his speech brimming with the same wild fire that makes poetry so vital, concluded with a poem about the Murray written by Paul Kane.

And then came readings by the international guests: Glenn Colquhoun (New Zealand) who charmed the audience, reading a series of love poems for an ex-girlfriend who was born in South Australia; welshman Robert Minhinnick; Slam Queen, Arianna Pozzuoli (Singapore) who lit up the stage every time she got near a microphone; and Elizabeth Smither (New Zealand). A big first night… and after rising at 4:30am it was time for this Lost Shark to close his eyes and prepare for Saturday.

Saturday kicked off with readings from Bronwyn Lea (her poem Insufficiaent Knowledge gets better every time I hear it), who then introduced Yvette Holt who read a selection of her work from Anonymous Premonition and Sandra Thibodeaux who’s new collection ‘extinctions’ is an absolute gem. Favourites from her set included Extinction (An obsession with the sea steers his poems/ but he’s no lovelorn sailor/ no spilt seaman) and Rabies (Your dog bit me/ right on the throbbing part of my thigh./ And I know why:/ he sniffed that I was another mongrel/ grovelling fro your scraps). A bristling first session!

This was followed by a reading from three Tasmanian Poets – Esther Ottaway, Anne Kellas and Adrienne Eberhard. I was particularly taken by Adrienne’s work. Her poems Phosphorescence (When I pull the rope, a bucket/ of drowned stars appears, as if the night-/ sky’s fallen into the sea) and Earth, Air, Water, Fire: A Love Poem in Four Elements ( from earth: We carry caves inside us/ – the heart’s dark chambers,/ water-washed cavern of the womb) are still resonating with me.

Then we were off to Cafelicious for the launch of Andy Jackson’s debut collection, Among the Regulars. While it was sad that Andy’s book was not there for the launch (it is however now available online), it is always a pleasure to hear Andy’s wonderfully physical work. And he is one of Australian poetry’s true gentlemen!

Following this we took off to catch the end of the Motherlode launch. And what a launch. This was a true poetry sampler, with 21 of the included poets (incl. Jordie Albiston, Jill Jones, Jan Owen, Rebecca Edwards, Jude Aquilina, Lisa Gorton) getting up to deliver a poem from the anthology. Motherlode is an incredibly vital anthology and it was a real treat to hear so many of the voices in one live setting.

It was then time to prepare for my own session alongside Alex Skovron, Sarah Day & Louise Oxley. I have long enjoyed the work of each of these poets so it was a real thrill to be able to introduce them and hear them weave their spell. Many of their lines are still circling in my head:

‘one night a thousand calendars from now’ – Alex Skovron

‘ with a brushstroke I can take myself into and out of the dark’ – Louise Oxley

and Sarah Day’s description of a cat poised, ‘a laser beam of concentration’

Saturday night’s main session was a symposium on the state of poetry in the country. While it was wonderful to have a gathering of minds, sharing their thoughts on various aspects of Australian poetry – establishing touring circuits, models to overcome the difficulties with distribution, the merge between Australian Poetry Centre and the Poet’s Union – for me the event missed the mark. Too many of the speakers approached the forum with a narrow focus, speaking emotively about specific strategies being implemented in their state, when what we really need to be looking at is the bigger picture of audience development on a national (and even global) level. Julie Beveridge presented some really interesting data, gathered from a survey of more than 50 poets in Australia, which confirmed that audience development is where our national body needs to be focussing its energy. I do, however, think there are some interesting discussions beginning, as on the positive side, the forum provided an opportunity for many of us to network and make stronger connections.

These discussions continued at the festival club, housed in a little boutique brewery right on the river… and to soundtrack the discussions Max_Mo were carving out a mean groove, featuring some cool jazz and the words of Amelia Walker, Mike Ladd & Rob Walker. A great way to close a massive first day…

I will post my highlights from Sunday and Monday + a few photos tomorrow night.


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Five ways of looking at the River

Yesterday turned on some of the most perfect weather… and Brunswick Heads is definitely as beautiful as I remember. Here’s a quick look at a handful of photos from the trip.

                                     all photographs by Cindy Keong


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Poetry and the Publishing Revolution

Publishing has been well and truly taking up a great deal of my thoughts of late as I am presently hard at work putting the finishing touches on my latest collection, Ocean Hearted (both book and DVD). I have been reading, reading, reading and one of the articles that has really stuck with me is The Small Press Poetry Revolution by Travis Nichols (The Huffington Post). It is true… with the current technology available, just about anyone can start a small press, but as Nichols points out, after the initial rush of excitement, it proves a very difficult thing to sustain.

What makes it hard to sustain is more than a lack of excitement though, for me it is the constant job of promotion and presentation that becomes the biggest hurdle. Let’s face it, keeping your work in the public eye is a full time job and expanding the scope of that eye… well that is another thing altogether. But after almost 9 years of being involved in publishing ventures, I still get a thrill out of putting new work out into the world. Like Nichols points out, small presses have been at the forefront of the poetry revolution because they are the ones unafraid to question what poetry is and to take the risks, big publishers would never dream of (sadly, it could be said poetry as an art form is now seen as a risk for major publishers).

So tonight’s job of finalising the running order for Ocean Hearted (the book) is one that I am eager to get into… the shuffling of pages, the culling, the excitement of seeing poems in conversation with each other… we need to love this stuff, to value it. It is all part of the creative process, all part of keeping the art of poetry a living, breathing thing.


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