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SpeedPoets Call-Back-Poet #4: Nicola Scholes

It’s Friday night, time to chase the light, so before I drift off into the blustery Brisbane night, here’s the 4th poet in the SpeedPoets Call-Back series, author of Dear Rose, Nicola Scholes. Nicola has been a regular SpeedPoets contributor now for many years, so it is an absolute pleasure to be sharing her words.

Aniseed Balls (I Wish to Resign…)

I wish to resign from my position of slavery and subservience

I wish to resign from the 24-hour factory turnaround cogs in the brain

I wish to resign from hungry stomachs starved spirits drained drudgery

I wish to resign from a partitioned life, computers printers faxes photocopiers are not made out of grass, and it’s no fun running round them

I wish to resign from this machine angst: the toner has run out, it’s as thin as my blood, the printer is out of paper, it’s as empty as my head aches need paracetamol the air is conditional, the stapler has cracked its last

Do not worry about me, I will go like Bartleby to my grave besides I’ve still got a filing system at home, I’m going to clip my winged articles

Goodbye to the paper moon and the cardboard stars I have cut you out for too long

Don’t ask me to flex my muscles under your corporate clock

I’m giving you my notice now—21 days I’ll expect some fuss, a morning tea, don’t disappoint your clients

It’s no good paying me when you spend it too

Don’t try to intimidate me with your red-necked fluffed up self-importance

Don’t cock-a-doodle-do down my neck: you’re too late, at the end of the day it’s just one of those things

I won’t lose sleep, run up and down steps for you, I won’t speed on the highway for you, miss my breakfast for you, this is the ugliness we’ve created lethargic prisoners numbed by re-runs, smiles, words, thoughts, movements, (how many times have I scaled this carpet?), burning off steam on the wheel of ambition, counting the dollars, editing our emotions, ticking off our lives, saving our energies for some day—is the weekend really as fantastic as we hope it will be every Friday afternoon, running out of the offices, satchels flying…

Somewhere—we know—the faxes are left on.  Our fates are being printed out in a perfect typograph, and all the yellow rejects will fill the bins on Monday.


Nicola Scholes is the author of Dear Rose, which won the 2009 “Dreams Ain’t Broken” Small Change Press Chapbook Competition. Nicola’s poems have also been published in various anthologies, books, magazines, and journals, including The Australian Library Journal, The Broadkill Review (USA), Cordite Poetry Review, Finger, Forge (USA/UK), Hecate, Hibiscus and Ti-Tree: Women in Queensland (Hecate Press, 2009), holland1945, Page Seventeen, Poems in Perspex: Max Harris Poetry Award 2007 (Lythrum Press, 2008), Social Alternatives, Stylus Poetry Journal, and Verity La. Nicola performed at Queensland Poetry Festival in 2011, 2009, and 2008, and has also been an actor in Brisbane community theatre. She has published two articles on Beat poet Allen Ginsberg as a part of her current PhD research: “Adapting Kali: Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Stotras to Kali Destroyer of Illusions” in U.S. Studies Online, and “The Difficulty of Reading Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish Suspiciously” in M/C Journal.


2012 SpeedPoets Open Mic Championships

Date: Sunday November 4
Location: Brew (Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane City)
Time: 2:30pm – 5pm
Entry: Gold Coin Donation
More details at www.speedpoets.com


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