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dinner for one
her finger teases music
from the wine glass


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winter rain
reciting you
a love poem


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for t.h.e

his red lips
lift at the corners
autumn wind


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For Always

                for Jules

spring moon
between her teeth
the grape bursts


It’s under a week now until our ‘little lost shark’ is due to arrive… so much anticipation! And this afternoon, we are off to the wedding of my guitar wielding partner, Sheish Money. So yes, there is alot of love in me at the moment. And for that, here’s a song that I have been flogging lately. Jules may have gone back to the 90’s, but I have taken things a decade further… Enjoy!


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On Thursday night I had the privilege of launching issue #2 of Doorways: Earth People. Doorways started out as a magazine dedicated to presenting the stories and poetry of people living in boarding houses as a means of challenging the negative, stereotypical views so regularly presented in the media. For issue #2, the net has been cast a little wider… As chief facilitator of the writing group and all round champion of the project Tamara Lazaroff says in the welcome:

Some live in supported accommodation, others in Department of Housing houses. Some live in a private rental. Some have recently been homeless. Others live in institutions. We’ve lived in a lot of places in our lives: in huts, tents, caves, under bamboo thickets, in luxury apartments, army barracks, motels, hotels, backpackers, in Australia and all over this earth. We are a mixed crew. But at the end of the day, we are just people, not the places we live in.

And Doorways is buzzing with the voices of this ‘mixed crew’. Voices that rarely (if ever) find their way into the wash of literary journals and other media. Inside these covers there is an untapped energy. A richness of story and unflinching simplicity.

I had the pleasure of working with the group and sharing my story in August so it was a great rounding out of the circle, to be able to take their stories home with me on the night. There are many fine pieces in the collection, but I will leave you with two snapshots… One haiku by Robert Wilson and the opening lines of The Junction by Helen Morris:

          candle flames
          the desert

                      Robert Wilson


                                          Can I endure life’s frailty?
                                          It’s microscopic chaos?

                                          The stick in the guts fear of knowing what I am.

                                                                                          Helen Ross

To get your hands on a copy or to find out more about the project, contact: taas(at)newfarmneighbourhood.org or call (07) 3358 3951.

And you can listen to an interview with Tamara Lazaroff on 4ZZZ’s atthelocal.


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