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Joyful Noise #1: Lou Barlow

My January flexi-disc arrived in the mail on Friday from Joyful Noise and it features a new track from lo-fi legend, Lou Barlow. Welcome Home is classic Lou… all longing vocal and battered acoustic sound. I feel very privileged to be able to give it a spin, as the flexi-disc series is completely sold out, making me, one of 500 lucky people to have the unique listening experience!

It’s good timing too as Lou has just announced an Australian tour with a date at the Old Museum in Brisbane… if you have never tapped into Lou in one of his many guises – Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Sentridoh, Folk Implosion – then here’s a taste of some Barlow brilliance to ease you into your Sunday evening.

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12 months of vinyl with Joyful Noise

Remember flexi discs? Those beautiful little one sided, thin vinyl records that would often come as inserts in magazines, hell, some were even distributed in cereal boxes. They were once a popular way of releasing often rare material. So, what if someone was to say, I’ll post you a flexi disc of unreleased material from some of the worlds finest independent artists; think… Lou Barlow, Tortoise, Akron Family, Deerhoof, Of Montreal; every month, including original artwork, designed specifically for each band for just $7USD anywhere in the world.

And to make it extra special, let you know that the only way to hear these songs is be one of the 500 people who sign up to have them sent out; that they will NOT be made available digitally or released in other formats.

If, like me, this sounds like a great way to hear some new music throughout the year, then you need to head on over to Joyful Noise and sign yourself up. I am sure the 500 will be snapped up quickly… I know I have mine!

It also got me thinking that this would be a great way to distribute poetry… a tastefully designed 12 page booklet, featuring limited edition work from a single author, sent out each month on a subscription basis. Wagtail do something similar each year, and they do it very well, but there is such potential to expand the idea… Must ponder this some more.

So while I ponder, why not fill your head with some Deerhoof!


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Memories of The Troubadour

It’s some sad days here in Brisbane at present, as one of our best loved music venues, The Troubadour, closed its doors for the last time on Sunday night. Live music venues everywhere are under the pump… pokies have encroached on their space, noise restrictions have proved hobbling and the continually rising price of the real estate they occupy is making it difficult to keep the doors open.

Brisbane is infamous for losing venues… Cloudland, Festival Hall, The Alley Bar to name just a few and frankly we just couldn’t afford to lose another one! And as I write this there is word that The Globe Theatre is also looking down the barrel of closing. The only way to stop the bleeding is to get out and see some live music (or poetry for that matter). I know I am dusting off  my dancing shoes over the next couple of weeks and am heading out to see:

Our Talons, Lion Island + Steve Grady @ The Zoo, Wednesday November 24

The Church (30th Anniversary Tour) @ The Judith Wright Centre, November 25

The Lemonheads @ The Zoo, November 30

Am super excited about all shows!

I have also been reminiscing about my favourite moments at The Troubadour and while I can’t narrow it down to one show, these are some of the shows I will have lasting memories of:

Vic Chesnutt – Well, I am forever thankful I got to see the man play… he was assisted onto the stage in his wheelchair, his frame, ghostly thin, but when he opened his mouth, there was a force in his voice, and a sharpness of wit, that hit me in the gut and held me transfixed. His version of Sponge that night is still reverberating somewhere inside me.

The Fauves – They were launching When Good Times Go Good and man, did they go good that night! Coxy was at his ascerbic best and the band were hotter than minimum chips! Fight Me I’m Forty stirred everyone in the crowd from their spot on the floor or their comfy cushion (how I will miss the comfort of that venue).

Lou Barlow – Had just seen Dinosaur Jr a couple of days earlier and the ears were still ringing, so Lou’s lo-fi folk masterpieces were just the tonic I needed. He was in fine form too, bantering with the crowd and playing every song from his then recently released EMOH as well as a stack of Sebadoh, Folk Implosion and Sentridoh tracks. In fact, he played such an exhaustive set, people were calling out for Lou to play some of Jason’s (Lowenstein) songs as well.

And I couldn’t complete this post without mentioning The Gin Club who I saw there many times and who fittingly took the stage for the last time on Sunday night. They made the place their home away from home and never failed to put a smile on the punter’s faces.

So what are your memories of The Troubadour? Let’s keep them alive…


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