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Poetry or Football?

Well the papers are seething today with talk of the first State of Origin which is all set for next Wednesday, but just in case you were wondering what else is happening that night…

On Wednesday May 26, Confit Bistro (4/9 Doggett St. Fortitude Valley) hosts its monthly celebration of live art and food, The Back Room. Confit Bistro provides the stage for local artists and alongside good food and wine, aims to bring art, life, love and the discourse on such into our lives. 

This month features performances and exhibitions by:

Kylie Farrelly
(Local contemporary artist presented by Gallery 2120)

Israel Mukasa
(Photographer & Poet) 
Uncle Bobs Bakery
(Creative Artisan Baker)


this Lost Shark performing two sets w/ Sheish Money & Jane Sheehyincluding a tribute to Bob Dylan to (belatedly) celebrate his 69th and my 39th.

The bar is open from 6.00pm  and an exquisite tapas styled menu is served throughout the night. There is no cover charge and table seating is limited, so ask yourself… poetry or football?

To choose poetry call (07) 3254 4001 to book your seat!

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Poetry @ Inspire

If you are in and around Brisbane tonight, you may want to check out this new reading. I know where I will be…

Poetry @ Inspire


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SpeedPoets 8.7 featuring Alan Jefferies & Bruce Dorlova

Well, it is almost that time of the month again… time for the gathering that is SpeedPoets. So, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Brisbane this Sunday (October 4), pack up your poems and head on down to The Alibi Room (720 Brunswick St. New Farm), from 2pm. This month features poetry sets from Alan Jefferies and Bruce Dorlova as well as Sheish Money and I stepping out again to play some poems from The Stillest Hour (and some new stuff). As always there will be free zines, plenty of Open Mic and other give aways. To make your poetic tastebuds sparkle, here’s a poem from Alan and Bruce.

See you Sunday…


Don’t feed the birds
            by Alan Jefferies

Don’t feed the birds
that’s what the letter said
We, the Body Corporate
prohibit you from
feeding the birds.
He didn’t care
he sat all day on the roof
in his dressing gown
a bucket full of bread by his side
the birds seemed to like it
the skinny ones, that is
the fat ones could no longer make it
to his fourth floor balcony window.
While the hallway filled with letters
threatening court action
                   a firing squad at dawn.
He didn’t worry
as long as they kept coming
swooping over his head like the spokes
of a giant wheel
showering the suburb with the shit
his neighbours now held him responsible for.



water bottle
by Bruce Dorlova 


it has become the custom
among our kind to always carry
this is the age of Aquarians
each polycarbonate amphora
spilling greedy
for want of lack.

i embrace parching
wrap it in thickfurred tongue
close it in creaking voicebox
surrounded by small seas i
drink not.

salt sharpens thirst.
This is the conundrum of oceans

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