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The Besnard Lakes are…

playing at The Zoo tonight and this Lost Shark is excited to say, he will be there to soak up their psychedelic wave of sound. Their recent album, The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night is an epic album of distortion, heavy rhythms and melodic charm… something like what I imagine Brian Wilson would sound like, if David Lynch wrote and produced the album. And let’s face it, Jace Lascek has one of the best falsettos in the music industry and I am a sucker for a soaring falsetto. Here’s a clip of them roaring on stage in the QTV studios playing ‘And This Is What We Call Progress’.


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Cleaning out the midweek webs

We’re right in the thick of a golden live music streak in Brisbane at the moment and tonight I’m heading out to see the criminally underrated, Swervedriver. Got a feeling this one’s going to give the ears a good workout…

Here’s what I mean:

Big 90’s guitar sounds here I come!

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