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Mission Beach Tour Diary #2: Beach Ginko

As you saw in the last post, the weather for our Saturday afternoon beach ginko was glorious. Really, in the vastness of the sky there was not the hint of a cloud… So here’s are a selection of haiku composed by the ginko participants as they walked, sat and contemplated deeply the true beauty of their surrounds. I have also included a few photos taken by my lovely wife to capture the action of the dig. I would like to thank each of the participants for their openness. It was a thrill to work with you all and I hope we can do it again one day soon.

catching hope
the coconut bowl
empty     empty


wind through palms
a thousand instruments
forget the words

Cate Richmond


with the sand
silver branch
finds its shadow


broken tree
listens to the wind
hearing itself

Lander Clifton

ant to ant
shadows touch
along their path


beach mosaic
balls rolled up
by sandcrabs

Barbara Bufi


bikini girl
rakes the sand
plovers parachute in


high tide mark
rainforest reaches
the rocks

Laurie Trott

saplings planted
amongst the fallen
cyclone brings new hope


a window
sunshine and beach
framed by ancient vine

Tara Webster


outgoing tide
cartwheels and cricket
a family day


pianola leaf
shafts of light
dance in the dust

Jacque Duffy


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