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Kerouac to Brando: Put Up Your Dukes

Friday night’s a great movie night…

I was reading recently that filming for On the Road had wrapped up. From what I have seen, Sam Riley looks amazing as Kerouac / Sal Paradise, and if his performance as Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis in the film Control is anything to go by, I am sure he is going to bring some serious energy to the screen. Here’s one of the first stills currently doing the rounds (Riley is in the back seat; Garrett Hedlund playing Dean Moriarty and Kristen Stewart playing Mary Lou are in the front).

I haven’t come across any official release date as yet, but let’s hope it ain’t too far away… after all, it’s been a long time coming.

Francis Ford Coppola bought the rights to the film back in 1979, but Kerouac was keen to have the book realised on the screen from the get go, writing a letter to Brando in 1957, asking him to play Dean Moriarty, with Kerouac wanting to play himself (Sal Paradise).

Here’s a link to where you can read the full letter.

Imagine… Jack & Brando duking it out on screen. Now that, that would have been something!

And while we’re talking poetic films, Lee Chang-dong’s film Poetry, also looks stunning. Let’s hope this one makes our shores soon.

Have you watched anything brilliant lately? Am always keen for a good film tip!


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