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Kerouac’s Poems Collected At Last!

jack-kerouac-collected-poemsWhile it is Kerouac’s prose that made him a household name, it his poetry that shows off his shamanistic ability with language; where the man’s words really POP! And finally, you can get it all in one hit! Jack Kerouac: Collected Poems was released in October this year, bringing together his major works, Mexico City Blues, The Scripture of the Golden Eternity,  Book of Blues , Pomes All Sizes, Old Angel Midnight,  Desolation Pops,  Book of Haikus as well as his previously uncollected poems.

This is extraordinarily exciting for two reasons… with the uncollected poems comes a new Kerouac discovery and I have never heard of ‘Desolation Pops’ (if anyone can give me any information, I would be forever grateful) and just the name has me wanting a hit of his sharp-witted inventiveness.

So tonight, it is off to listen to Jack’s voice crackle off the vinyl of Jack Kerouac: The Complete Recorded Works.


But if you don’t have any of Jack’s recordings, never fear… There is a generous selection of Jack’s readings to be found here.

It’s Friday night, what better way to let in the light than with a glass of something nice and the jazz rhythms of Kerouac.


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