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If you are looking for poetry that reimagines this land we call Australia, poetry that experiments with landscape and geopolitics, then look no further than Outcrop, the latest release from Black Rider Press. There’s 60 hours left to secure a copy at the pre-release price of $20. There are also some other great packages from Black Rider Press on offer. Click here to find out more.

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Poetry Books of the Year: 2011

It was great to pick up The Australian Review yesterday morning and discover plenty of poetry releases popping their heads up in their annual ‘Best Of’ picks for the year.

Literary giant, J.M. Coetzee’s selections included, Alice Oswald’s reimagining of The Iliad, Memorial and C.K. Williams’ seventeenth collection of poetry, Wait.

Australian poets, John Kinsella and Robert Gray both selected Gig Ryan’s New and Selected Poems. Individually they selected Kevin Hart’s latest work, Morning Knowledge, the multi award winning debut collection from Mark Tredinnick, Fire Diary and Collected Poems: Hope Mirrlees edited by Sandeep Parmar.

It’s always great scanning ‘Best Of’ lists for gems you may never have heard of, as let’s face it, poetry has such a limited distribution these days, some of the finest writing remains well under the radar. That said, No Tell Poetry is currently hosting a great series of ‘Best Poetry of 2011’ posts which are well worth checking out and I have also put the call out to a handful of poets to select their favourite release of the year, so keep an eye out here for that series in the next week or so… With the new year fast approaching, now is a great time to make that reading list a little longer.


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Bush Slam

If (like me) you didn’t catch the first episode last week, make sure you check out tonight’s Bush Slam, hosted by H.G. Nelson on ABC TV. Tonight’s episode features Geoff Goodfellow and James Blundell heading off to the fishing town of Stanley in Tasmania’s north-west, where they will have three days to take in the town and write a poem, before reading it in front of a live audience at one of the local pubs.

I am personally really looking forward to seeing what Geoff Goodfellow comes up with, as his reading of his longer poem, The Seventh Doctor, was my highlight from QPF 2009 and rates as one of the best readings I have ever witnessed. Geoff also recently appeared on ABC TV’s Stateline reading from the series of poems Waltzing with Jack Dancer and talking about his battle with cancer. You can also check out some of Geoff’s work on his own site.

Coming up in future episodes of Bush Slam are poets Sam Wagan Watson, Kate Fagan, Emily Ballou, Alison Croggon, Morganics, Melinda Schneider and John Kinsella.


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The role of Poet Laureate – does Australia need one?

Kathleen Noonan has raised the question of Poet Laureate in her weekly ‘Last Word’ column in this Saturday’s Courier Mail (January 10, 2009).

This is a question, that I am sure will create much debate, as the role of Poet Laureate is seen by many as archaic, meaningless and a creative curse. In her article, Noonan quotes John Kinsella who states:

“A poet laureate for Australia? God forbid. It’s the edge of subversion that comes with the poet existing outside the status quo that makes poetry necessary.”

A good point and one that Noonan acknowledges, suggesting that the regressive, messy and vaudevillian, Michael Leunig might be able to step into the role and successfully walk the subversive tightrope.

This Lost Shark is certainly all for the promotion of poetry in the public arena, but for me the jury is undecided as to whether the best way of doing this is by appointing a Poet Laureate.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the issue, so have a look at the article and drop me a line:

Read the article here: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,24875473-5012506,00.html


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