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The Sound of Saturday

It’s been a long time since I’ve been home on a Saturday morning… had that opportunity to shuffle sleepily around the house, let the light seep through the windows and allow the contents of my skull to unwind… contemplate the potential of morning. And the music. Saturday morning has a soundtrack and this is mine…

I hope you have yours.



Scar – Joe Henry

Joe Henry, sounds like he comes from another time. His songs, have the voice of a weary traveller, telling their story in sepia tones, across an old wood bar.



The Triffids

Wide Open Road – The Triffids

Without a doubt one of the greatest Australian songs ever written. And after travelling to WA recently, this song has an even greater pull. Fremantle Press have just released Beatiful Waste, the poems of David McComb.  A must read!


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Unloading from Overload or Today is the perfect weather for Joe Henry

I am back in home waters, have unloaded the Overload suitcase and have just put on Joe Henry’s new album, ‘Blood from Stars’, that I picked up from the good people at Basement Discs in Melbourne. This afternoon has turned on the perfect weather for Joe Henry… grey sky, swirling wind, threat of rain, and the new album is sounding mighty fine. Blues that plumb the subterranean depths of the human psyche.



Here’s a taste of what I am talking about – Channel by Joe Henry.





Had a blast at Overload. Sheish and I played our hearts out on Saturday night alongside tap-dancing poet, Jenny Toune (yep, you read that right, tap-dancing poet) and Sean M. Whelan & the Interim Lovers… but more about that soon. Big love to all the Overload organisers for putting on one helluva weekend. Make sure you keep tabs on the Overland blog to stay up to speed with all the Overload news.


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