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The Best Australian Poetry 2009 (UQP, ed Alan Wearne)

Well, I came home to a copy of UQP’s The Best Australian Poetry 2009 tonight, featuring poems from some of my Australian poetic heroes – Geoff Goodfellow, Robert Adamson & Thomas Shapcott – so it is a nice feeling to have 5 of my haiku included alongside these gentlemen and about 30 or so other fine poets.

These haiku, written during my residency at the Ekka, have been displayed as part of Museum of Brisbane’s ‘Ten Days in August’ exhibition as well as at the Ekka, so they have been really good to me.

I’m off to crawl into the pages and soak it all up… here’s one of the haiku published in the sequence.

                                                                      first date
                                                                      too scared to kiss
                                                                      on the ghost train


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August is… westerly winds, QPF & The Ekka

It’s August, and in Brisbane that is synonymous with westerly winds, QLD Poetry Festival and of course the Ekka.

We (Sheish Money & myself) kicked off our run of 10 days straight performing at The Ekka this evening. I was also recently commissioned to write several haiku in response to a series of photographs (some from the 1920’s and some contemporary shots) for an exhibition.

Here’s a few of the poems that will be diplayed. Hope to post some photos of the display here real soon.


                                 rooster’s yellow beak opens the morning


                                                           at dusk
                                                           pink and blue clouds
                                                           of fairy floss


                                              riding the ferris wheel
                                                                          my head
                                                                          full of sky


So if you are planning a trip to The Ekka, make sure you stop in and see us perform at The International Food Hall Stage from 5pm – 5:30pm daily.


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frost on hinges – a winter kasen renga

               by Ashley Capes & Graham Nunn


frost on hinges
by the letterbox
a thin shadow

every pine needle

the powerline
raven’s claws

your black skirt
drying in the wind

on the verandah
first wood-smoke
only the fire
warms his old hands

two moths
circle the lamp – fighting
or fucking or both

the click of a light switch
swallowed by black
in bed
my coffee and I

flipping through vinyl
ancora tu

old cat
watching the kite
chase its tail

wind flings leaves
into water

rising moon
a mango stain
on my t-shirt

cicada husk
grey in the moonlight

morning drizzle
the blonde’s
exposed roots

watering the pot plant
even the birds hushed

spring moon
each hibiscus flower
flooded by light

a gentle tread
grasshoppers scatter

on the hillside
a riot of flowers –
bee sting

young boy streaks
past the swing set

in the park
the ibis flees
echo of laughter

two sugar ants
share our blanket

on the swing set –
nosebleed spots

a red scarf slashed
across her throat

the white butterfly
folds its wings
I am very still

just the two of us
crushing dry herbs

lover’s quarrel
from the train yard

so much longing
in the owl’s voice

in the electrical storm
me and the moon
who is thinking of who?

gathering leaves
shaped like tear drops

one seat
between us
and not a word

the fence posts
make perfect bookends

leaning further
into dusk –
old poinciana

black against the sky
the farmer’s hoe

before sunrise
colour the fields

against the back step
boots covered in pollen


* for those of you who would like to find out more about renga, or even get invloved in writing one, head on over to Issa’s Snail and check out what is happening there.


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16 haiku from today’s reading

I had a blast reading at Under A Daylight Moon this afternoon… for all those who weren’t able to be there, here are the 16 haiku I read (those without an author attributed to them are my own):


how fine to see
the pure white fan
of my beloved



girl cat, so
thin on love
and barley



swat those flies
softly please
I want to sleep



my last resort —
I borrow the cat’s



not speaking
our shadows
keep touching



sun & moon
in the same sky
the small hand of my wife



holding you
in me still…
sparrow songs



If I go alone
I’ll lie in the wildflowers
and dream of you


in your panties
slightly pulled down
a crisp fallen leaf


her hair smell
in my face, my fingers
count her vertebrae


up her leg
I trace a line
of goosepimples

at sunset
two cats in love
the old dog moans

first date
too scared to kiss
on the ghost train

love letter
so humid
the page curls

faint glow
the moon on her skin
afer lovemaking

in love again
the kettle
boiled dry


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haiku + Reading this Saturday

autumn moon
my barefoot love
swinging a bunch of leeks


          warm breeze
          the schoolgirl’s hair


For those of you in Brisbane, I will be the featured haiku poet at this Saturday’s Under A Daylight Moon reading. The event is held at Novel Lines Book Shop 153 LaTrobe Tce, Paddington and starts at 3pm. Entry is free. Hope to see you there.


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Readers Choice + New Haiku

Issue 9 of Shamrock Haiku Journal, just announced their Readers Choice Award for the best haiku published in 2008.

The winning haiku…


                                              lookout point
                                              the stones 
                                              share our silence


was written by this Lost Shark.


And here’s two recent haiku:


spring moon
shucking open
the oyster shell


                                                           old dog
                                                           leaving me
                                                           to close his eyes


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Morning Ritual

morning ritual
gargling in tune
with the crows


learning tai-chi
the cormorant holds his position


leaning further
into morning
old poinciana


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