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Year of the Rabbit

The Winter Junicho I have been involved in is now finished. It is always a thrill to be involved in collaborative writing projects as they not only bring out the best in me, they also spark ideas for poems, I may not have otherwise written. So a huge thanks to Ashley, Valeria, Barbara, Joseph & Claire for their stunning verses and an extra special thanks to Ashley for his creative leadership of the project. The Junicho – Year of the Rabbit, is now up on the Issa’s Snail website.

And as I am gearing up for next weekend’s Ginko (haiku walk) and haiku workshop (which, by the way still has a few places left, so don’t be afraid to book!), here’s two new haiku to ponder.

                                   park bench
                                   looking away
                                   from the pigeons

                                                                                mother’s fingers
                                                                                at dusk – purpled
                                                                                by mulberries

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haiku hit

Want a quick hit of haiku?

I am currently participating in a Junicho lead by Ashley Capes and was asked to submit three haiku for a summer verse. Here are the poems I submitted:

      still dawn
      every cloud is
      a dead lamb

                                              behind a stand of pines
                                              the sun slips

      sky to sea
      and back again

To see which one was selected head over to Issa’s Snail. There are some mighty fine verses waiting for you!


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The Poetry Slave

Ashley Capes and Jane Williams have just posted their first collaborative poem over at the poetry slave. The poem was written in response to expressionist painter Marc Chagall’s work, Les Fiances de  la Tour Eiffel. And as with all good collaborations, it has brought out the best in both poet’s work. There is an incredible energy that resides in the poem. Love, birth and becoming a parent are prominent themes.

Ashley opens the poem with the lines:

now I have taken all the bread and gathered it
inside my whale-like belly
for another time, or for when they dissect me
or if I have children

And later Jane responds:

through a red fog
a father sees his father
in the shape of
his own raised fist
and stops

Importantly, throughout the poem both voices maintain their own unique music, but when they come together, they sing in harmony.

Ashley is currently involved in a number of exciting projects, so checking out the links on this page will also yield good things – kipple, holland1947, issa’s snail and his own personal blog are all well worth the visit. And Jane’s blog also features many poems/stories from her recent collections The Last Tourist, Other Lives, Begging the Question and Outside Temple Boundaries. In short… there’s plenty to enjoy here!


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Haikunaut Island & Issa’s Snail

For those of you who may not have checked out the Haikunaut Island interactive renga over at Cordite, the 36th link has now been finalised and the renga is complete (and if you are not sure what a renga is they provide this great link to find out more).

There has been an amazing response to the renga with over 100o haiku/links submitted, so this Lost Shark feels pretty excited to have had one of his ‘ku selected.

My haiku:

                    morning meditation
                    a crow disrupts my shadow

was selected for link 34.

The Haikunaut Island Renga is definitely worth checking out and if it looks like something you would like to participate in, Ashley Capes has just started another interactive renga at his blog Issa’s Snail.

All are welcome to contribute over at Issa’s Snail, so hope to read many new ku from all of you over there. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on how it develops.


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