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Words or Whatever

Looking for some poetry and spoken word in your life this Saturday night? Well, look no further than Words or Whatever at Blackstar Cafe, in Brisbane’s West End. And with Sista Loops, Bille Brown, Fred Leone & Julie Beveridge all doing their thing (as well as Sheish and I), it is bound to be bristling with energy. Hope to see you all there.




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Jumping the Poetic Hurdle – what can we learn from the music industry?

All this music talk has got me interested in how the literary establishment can learn from the music industry. We all remember the death of the music industry articles that were circulating at the start of this decade, how the industry was haemorrhaging with the invent of Napster and other download technology. Well the Jumping the Poetic Hurdle interviews I did recently tell a similar story… So, this Lost Shark has been doing some reading and thought these articles were well worth sharing. We may stand to learn alot from what the music industry has been through.

Can the publishing industry learn from the music industry?

Why Amazon Should Try a “Radiohead Experiment” on the Kindle

What If the Kindle Succeeds?

What the literary establishment must learn from Hip-Hop

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