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Ginko through the Seasons in 2013

To celebrate the four seasons of 2013, I will be leading a ginko (haiku walk) at four exciting locations Poet’s Rock (Karawatha Forest), Boondall Wetlands, JC Slaughter Falls and Venman Bushland.

Karawatha Forest

Masaoka Shiki, one of the four pillars of haiku (along with Basho, Buson & Issa), believed that haiku poets should practice shasei – sketching from life – in order to heighten their powers of observation. A traditional way of developing these powers and opening yourself up to the everyday magic that awaits, is to participate in a ginko.

On a ginko, participants are encouraged to jot down notes about what they can see, hear, smell, touch and taste as well as making notes on other thoughts and feelings that may arise during the walk. At the conclusion of the walk, participants then share their notes and spend time writing and work shopping their haiku.

To coincide with each ginko, a group renga (36 linked verse) will also be written online, using one of the haiku written during the ginko as the hokku (opening poem).

So, if you want to develop your haiku-eye and revel in the subtle seasonal changes, book yourself in to enjoy this unique experience. Each ginko is strictly limited to 8 participants. Costs are $25 for one ginko/renga or $80 to participate in all four.

Places in the series will fill quickly, so to book a spot visit: http://www.queenslandpoetryfestival.info/program/ginko-w-graham-nunn/


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City Botanic Gardens Ginko

Here’s last Sunday’s haiku harvest from our ginko around Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens. It was a rolling Spring day where the only colour that remained certain in the sky was the purple of Jacaranda blossoms.

on the path
crow throws a sideways look
I know! I know!

(Trish Reid)


photographing flowers
the eye of a curlew
fills the lens

(Cindy Keong)

fig tree
a quick root
against the wall

(Tiggy Johnson)


family picnic
a jacaranda
provides the blanket

(Lyndon Norton)

mangrove forest
passing bikes tremble
the bridge

(Lyne Marshall)


river surges
twenty masts
sway in agreement

(Corrie Macdonald)


in the flower garden all the names I never learned

(Chris Lynch)

photohgraphy by Cindy Keong


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Kurilpa Bridge Ginko

Last Sunday a group of us set off from the State Library of QLD across the Kurilpa Bridge on our first Spring ginko. Was a gorgeous Spring day that sparked many fine haiku. Here’s a handful of them along with some stunning photographs by Cindy Keong. This Sunday, we are off to City Botanic Gardens… can’t wait!


city expressway
swallows race
ahead of traffic

Cindy Keong


cats purring
at her feet Kuril tosses
her knitting bag

John Wainwright

silent couple
the space between them
too wide for hands

Corrie Macdonald


white shirt
high in the mangroves
summer river

Rebekah Woodrow

sunday service
bikes chain themselves
in rows

Trish Reid


peeing a mosquito out of the urinal

Andrew Phillips

rising moon
nappy change
in the park

Tiggy Johnson


on a bridge
on either side
a bridge

Chris Lynch


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Fine tune those words… two poetry workshop opportunities

There are many wonderful things about living in Brisbane. One of those things is being close to the QLD Writers Centre HQ at State Library of QLD. The good folk at QLD Writers Centre are always looking for new ways to assist poets with the development of their craft and there are a couple of workshops coming up in March/April that are well worth checking out.

Course 1: Ginko with Graham Nunn

I am thrilled to be running the first of these courses, which will focus on the art of haiku, through engaging in a number of ginko (haiku walks) around this fine city of ours. Together we will take in the sights, scents & sounds of Brisbane and turn those experiences into haiku that crackle.

We will discuss the history of the haiku, explore what makes a haiku work, look at some techniques for writing haiku and discuss markets for getting your haiku published. 

So if you want to Ginko with this Lost Shark, you can find all of the details here on the QWC Website

Dates for the ginko are: Sundays 13, 20, and 27 March, 3, 10, and 17 April and sessions will run from 9am to 10:30am

Cost for the 6 sessions is a very reasonable $95. Bookings essential!

Course 2: Poetry Manuscript Development

If you are at the stage of putting together a poetry manuscript, then this is the course for you. Former UQP Editor, Bronwyn Lea will provide formal guidance to help make your manuscript sing. The sessions will focus on crafting, structuring, and editing your manuscript, as well as providing valuable inside information about current poetry markets in Australia. If you have a poetry manuscript in the making, Bronwyn will provide all the tools you need to pull it together for publication.

 Dates for the course are: Thursdays 7 April, 5 May, 9 June, 7 July and 4 August and sessions run for 6pm – 8pm.

To book your spot head to the QWC website.


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