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winter sun: a haiku sequence

This morning, while thousands pounded the pathways of the City Botanic Gardens as part of the Brisbane Marathon, eight of us walked, sat and opened our minds to the lush green landscape, the chorus of birds, the emptiness of sky. This was the third in the QPF ginko series, and while it was officially the ‘winter ginko’, the sun had a sneaky bite to it. I will be posting a handful of poems from the eight poets who joined me this week, but for now, here’s a handful of poems I collected today.


winter sun
the ball in
the collie’s eyes


shooing the ibis
she lets the toddler


V of gulls
in love with the shape
of the river


finish line
the marathon runner drags
his shadow


in the bamboo grove
the wind rattles on


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haiku in translation on NeverEnding Story

I was excited to receive an email this morning from poet, translator and editor, Chen-ou Liu informing me that my haiku spring dawn had been published on NeverEnding Story in both English and  Chinese.

Having work in translation is something that excites me greatly.

I hope you all click on over to NeverEnding Story as Chen-ou Liu has gathered together a fine collection of poems.

In parting, I offer this new haiku:


late autumn sun
round is the shadow
of my boy’s head


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nature trail: a haiku sequence

To follow on from yesterday, here’s a selection of my own haiku from the Karawatha State Forest ginko…  the place, the poets and their poems continue to resonate…

[photographs by Cindy Keong]

Nature Trail CLK

nature trail
the song of crickets
becomes a stream


summer sky
seen through eucalypts
seen through

Karawatha CLK

on the fallen eucalypt
all moving


among them
the lizard’s tail


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fooling: a haiku sequence

Sunday was another restless Spring day, the sky constnatly shifting from grey to blue. Again, I had the pleasure of starting the day by leading a ginko around the City Botanic Gardens. Here’s a selection of the haiku I gathered on my travels:

sleeping ducks
and my tired face
between them


still pond
a dragonflies’ silence
and mine

bamboo grove
ants march toward
the sky


you and I
fooling in the leaves
bush turkey

unbuttoning her shirt
spring breeze


in the peepul tree
sharing our poems

photographs by Cindy Keong


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For Always

                for Jules

spring moon
between her teeth
the grape bursts


It’s under a week now until our ‘little lost shark’ is due to arrive… so much anticipation! And this afternoon, we are off to the wedding of my guitar wielding partner, Sheish Money. So yes, there is alot of love in me at the moment. And for that, here’s a song that I have been flogging lately. Jules may have gone back to the 90’s, but I have taken things a decade further… Enjoy!


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chasing the wind: a spring haiku sequence

On Sunday, I lead my first Spring ginko (haiku walk) around the gorgeous State Library/Gallery of Modern Art precinct and over the Kurilpa Bridge. Here are a few haiku I brought back from my travels… and I will have the pleasure of featuring the work of my fellow walkers over the coming days.

                                                             spring river
                                                             only this path
                                                             to follow

                                                             following a wind
                                                             blown skirt
                                                             every eye

                                                             the way a boy chases
                                                             the breeze

                                                             after each ferry
                                                             the shhhh
                                                             of mangroves

photography by Cindy Keong



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Come on a ginko with me

spring breeze
at her thighs
the towel loosens


In late October/early November, as Spring bursts in all its beauty, I will be leading a series of six ginko (haiku walk) around this fine city of ours and its stunning surrounds. Masaoka Shiki, one of the four pillars of haiku (along with Basho, Buson & Issa), believed that haiku poets should practice shasei – sketching from life – in order to heighten their powers of observation. A traditional way of developing these powers and opening yourself up to the everyday magic that awaits, is to participate in a ginko. On a ginko, participants are encouraged to jot down notes about what they can see, hear, smell, touch and taste as well as making notes on other thoughts and feelings that may arise during the walk. At the conclusion of the walk, participants then share their notes and spend time writing and workshopping their haiku.

As part of the last series, we visited Sandgate Beach, Downfall Creek, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, New Farm Park & Southbank, and some stunning haiku were composed, many of which I had the pleasure of publishing on this site and many of which have gone on to be published in journals and magazines all around the world.

Here’s a couple of links to haiku written on the Mt Coot-tha and New Farm Park Ginko earlier this year to give you a taste.

So if you want to develop your haiku-eye and start your Sunday’s off in a meditative headspace, come on a ginko with me…

Details are below:

Ginko (Haiku Walk) with Graham Nunn

Dates: Sundays 16, 23, 30 October and 13, 20 and 27 November

Venue: We gather at Queensland Writers Centre, Level 2, State Library of Queensland

Time: 9am – 10.30am

Fees: Flat Fee $95 for the six sessions

Bookings: You can book online here or contact QWC by calling 07 3842 9922.


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Grandma’s House

first of spring
memories of grandma’s house


wrong turn
thirty kilometres
of silence


the ocean
pure of us


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Diving into the haiku pond

Haiku can be a slippery thing, but the form has grown in popularity the world over, with many fine journals now dedicated to publishing haiku and other Japanese forms. So for those wanting to dive a little deeper into the haiku pond, I will be leading people through a workshop this Friday night at the delightful Valori Espresso Lounge, that begins by exploring some of the (many) definitions of haiku, including my favourite by Jack Kerouac:

I propose that the “Western Haiku” simply say a lot in three short lines in any western language. Above all, a haiku must be very simple and free of poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi Pastorella.

Together, we will then bust a few myths about the need to count syllables, discuss the fragment and phrase theory, explore the concepts of wabi and sabi, examine 8 techniques for writing quality haiku used by many of the haiku masters and then finally look at some techniques for revising your work and places to publish.

This workshop runs as a precursor to the June Full Moon Ginko which I will be leading from Valori Espresso Lounge on Friday June 17.

There are still limited places left in both the workshop and the ginko. Each session is priced at $20 each, so if you would like to book a spot you can contact Therese and Maurizio at valoriespressoloungeandgallery@hotmail.com

Valori Espresso Lounge is located at 71C Landsborough Ave, Scarborough.

The workshop runs from 6:30pm – 8pm.

Here’s two recent haiku from my trip to Blackall:

                                                                   first frost
                                                                   the silence
                                                                   of each white breath


                                                                   road home
                                                                   a crow’s wing waves
                                                                   up from the tar


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Downfall Creek: a haiku sequence

                                                              river stone
                                                              we sit in silence
                                                              as the water babbles


                                                               blue sky
                                                               nose deep
                                                               in a spider’s web


                                                                spot of sunlight
                                                                on the forest floor
                                                                emperor butterfly


                                                                  too wild
                                                                  for these pages
                                                                  autumn violets


                                                                 gentle breeze
                                                                 the bare head
                                                                 of a dandelion


                                                                  on the path
                                                                  of fallen leaves
                                                                  silence returns


                                                                               photographs by Cindy Keong


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