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Brisbane River Ginko II

Sunday is quickly rolling around… so before we hit the shores of Sandgate, here’s a handful of haiku from our Brisbane River Ginko from the ‘three Johns’ of the group.

                                                               ferry wake
                                                               the river
                                                               speaks up

                                                               cello lessons
                                                               under the paper-bark
                                                               days lengthen

                                                       John Wainwright

                               baby grasshopper on my page
                               this autumn morning
                               it will learn to fly

                               reading Issa
                               I kill my first moth

                               a row of ducks in the rain
                               even the hermit
                               must smile

                              Jonathan Hadwen

                                                             full moon
                                                             the river rises
                                                             with my anxiety

                                                             autumn river
                                                             a leaf takes
                                                             its final voyage

                                                     John Koenig


Cindy Keong has also posted two new haiku on her site and they are well worth the click! And while I am mentioning Cindy’s work, here’s a few photos of Sandgate for those who haven’t had the pleasure. Let’s hope the weather holds…



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Brisbane River Ginko

On Sunday, I braved the autumn drizzle and a very large group of cyclists and set off along the bank of the Brisbane River along with six haiku enthusiasts on the first of our planned ginko. 

While it may not have been the kind of day that pulls you from your Sunday morning slumber, it is amazing how the small world of an umbrella makes you focus. Here’s a haiku sequence I wrote while out walking:

                                   Brisbane River Sequence

                                               dawn river
                                               my head
                                               yet to clear

                                               morning walk
                                               just enough rain
                                               to give the river voice

                                              standing alone
                                              the puddle at the edge
                                              of shelter

                                              waiting for
                                              the 7am ferry
                                              lone cormorant

                                             whistling at the joggers
                                             the old man’s
                                             hearing aide

                                             magpie song
                                             the day brightens
                                             under my umbrella

At the end of our ginko, we gathered together and shared our morning’s work, each poet presenting their favourite haiku of the morning, then casting their vote to select the poem of the trip. The winning poem from the Brisbane River Ginko was written by Cindy Keong.

                                                             lingering heat
                                                             my sweat beads
                                                             on the lawn

Next Sunday we are off to Sandgate for a coastal ginko. Nothing like sea air in your lungs to start the morning.

                                                                          * all photographs by Cindy Keong


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