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Live at Brisbane Square Library this Friday

Throw open your calendars and clear the decks for this Friday evening – 5:30pm to 6:30pm – as it’s one of those all too rare occasions that sees Sheish Money and I team up for an extended feature set. And what makes it even more special is Sheish and I, will be joined by Moveable Feast members, Giselle Sheehy and Chris Churchus, to make the library shake a little!

Graham Nunn live at SLQ

The thought of playing with this mighty 3-piece in a library on a Friday night has got me itching; I can’t wait for the band to let their swaggering riffs fill the room and to let my words find the spaces between it all. And as we like to keep things spontaneous, each gig feels like walking a tightrope; though I have to say, there is no better safety net than the fullness of Sheish’s guitar roar.

Joining us on Friday will be madcap sketch comedy group, The Sexy Detectives. With each of us will playing three 8-10 min spots, there’s bound to be some lively interplay.

So come along and watch how Sheish and co. turn my words into gold; find out how far The Sexy Detectives can stretch your smile; and help those library walls shake a little. It’s Friday, and we couldn’t think of any place better to invite you!

Alchemy feat. Graham Nunn + Moveable Feast and The Sexy Detectives
Brisbane Square Library (266 George St)
5:30pm – 6:30pm
Entry is Free


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