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Another Lost Shark Publications invites you to the launch of

First Words vol. 2: Same Sky

Cindy Keong’s impressive debut collection, Same Sky is the second release in the Another Lost Shark Publications First Words series and will be launched on Saturday July 27 at The Hideaway (188 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley) as part of the July SpeedPoets event.

Doors will open on the day at 1:30pm and entry will be a gold coin donation.

The book has been printed in a limited edition of 100 copies on acid free, recycled stock with a cover design by Benjamin ‘Kids in Cloaks’ Portas. Copies will be available at the special launch price of $10 following Cindy’s first Brisbane reading from the collection.

Also performing on the day will be Ghostboy w/ Sir Richard Grantham and the 2013 Arts QLD Poet-in-Residence, Shane Rhodes (Canada).

Here’s the full details:

Another Lost Shark Publications launches
Same Sky
by Cindy Keong
When: Saturday July 27, 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Where: The Hideaway, 188 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley
Entry: Gold Coin Donation

But for those of you who are not able to make it along and want to secure a copy of Same Sky before they sell out, keep an eye on the site this month as I will be making the book available to readers in the week prior to the launch.

I will also be posting an interview with Cindy this month and a handful of poems from the collection.

This Lost Shark is one happy publisher!


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Poetry Workshop Discounts!

Discount… now there is a word that rarely fails to put a smile on the face. And this time, it’s a poetry discount… what could be better!

My month long series of workshops, ‘Developing Your Poetry Practice‘ is coming up in October and the good people at QLD Writers Centre have generously offered a discount to all those interested in enrolling. The series will be held on Wednesday nights – October 10, 17, 24, and 31 – from 6pm – 8pm.

The Discounted Price is now as follows:

QWC Members $104 (normally $130)
QWC Concession Members $94 (normally $117)
Non-members $152 (normally $190)

So if you are looking to dedicate more time to your writing craft, have a project on the horizon, or are wanting to learn some valuable new writing and editing techniques, I would love to see you this October… I have already dubbed it ‘poetry month’ on the calendar!

To get the discount, phone QWC on 3842 9922 or email us at qldwriters@qwc.asn.au before booking.

The other great discount on offer, is to David ‘Ghostboy’ Stavanger’sFrom Page to Stage: Writing for Performance‘ workshop. This innovative workshop will introduce participants to the key elements of creating & writing for performance, with a strong focus on writing performance poetry & spoken word; as well as lyrics in response to music, improv dialogue, poetic story, absurdist text for performance art and performance technique. Explore aspects of poetry slam and generating performance opportunities. Over the course of the workshop, participants will write a number of group and individual pieces as well as critiquing and performing pieces for the group.

The one day workshop will be held on Sunday October 28 and is currently being offered at the following price:

QWC Members $99 (normally $110)
QWC Concession Members $89 (normally $99)
Non-members $144 (normally $160)

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Brisbane Festival Highlights – Mia Dyson, Charge Group & Ghostboy

Brisbane Festival is in full swing and already I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing Mia Dyson, play from her latest album, The Moment. I can’t speak highly enough of this album… it continues to worm its way deeper into my consciousness with each listen. From the opener, When The Moment Comes, Dyson lets you know that she is taking no prisoners. It barrels out at breakneck speed, the line ‘you’ll know what to do when the moment comes’ ringing with even greater truth after Dyson’s recent time in the USA, where she was lured with the promise of big opportunities, but stood tall and stayed true to her sound. It is an album of triumph and her performance last Thursday night was also that… a triumph. In the glorious surrounds of The Speigeltent, Mia mesmerised, charmed and filled the heart of every true listener with hope. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here…

Then for the third time this year, I had the privilege of seeing Charge Group play live in the Metro Arts Alleyway. This band just seems to get better every time I see them, and despite the ‘doof-doof’ spill from The Victory, Charge Group generated an energy that was nothing less than compelling, their songs swinging from angular to anthemic. Their self-titled sophomore release is still my Australian album of the year and is going to take some knocking off. Here’s the clip for their third single from the album, The Jaguar Complex. Seriously, if you get the chance to see them live, take it and be ready to fall in love with their sound!

And to round out my Brisbane Festival experience, I am heading off to see Ghostboy with Sir Lady Richard Grantham and their show, We Love You (as much as everybody else does). Described as a neo-cabaret-comedy-cannibal show, it is bound to have you wiping the sweat off your brow and the tears from your eyes. Nobody takes it to the crowd like Ghostboy, so if you want some truly live art, get your ticket here!


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Another Lost Shark 2012 Tour: Let the Words Take Flight

After sitting in on drums with The Lucky Ones last night at The Back Room, I am eager to hit the mic for the first home leg of the 2012 touring season this coming Friday.

David Stavanger (aka Ghostboy) has put together an all-star jam featuring some of the hottest poets and performers this city has to offer to launch the 2012 Australian Poetry Slam.

Aptly titled, Let the Words Take Flight showcases the word in all its glory with short sets from curator of the highly successful ‘Spoken’ shows  Mandy Beaumont; Slammer extraordinaire Robin ‘Archie’ Archbold; fresh from Canberra, co-creator of Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit!, Adam Hadley; the swoon-inducing duo of Betsy Turcot & Eleanor Jackson; folk-punkers, Mr & Mrs Woolf; bush poet and entertainer, Noel Stallard; host of the JamJar Slam, the irrepressible, Darkwing Dubs; the always outlandish, Pascalle Burton; founding vocalist of The Winnie Coopers, The Educator; and the oceanic swell of Sheish Money & this Lost Shark.

All this plus performances by hosts Tessa Leon and Ghostboy w/ Sir Richard Grantham.

Fireworks will have nothing on this gig!

Here’s the details:

When: Friday June 29, 7:00pm-9:30pm.
Doors @ 6:30pm
Where: The State Library of QLD, QLD Terrace
Cost: Free but reservations preferred (for numbers)
More info/reservations: http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/whats-on/calevents/general/awards/APS12/flight


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FreeVerse: Page meets Stage

Next Wednesday night, I will be hitting the stage with Brisbane’s sonic mistress, Pascalle Burton as part of the inaugural, FreeVerse event, emceed by the wild and wonderful Ghostboy. Pascalle and I will be trading words, letting our poems rub up against each other so that they create their own spontaneous dialogue! And we both have a little surprise in store for the audience in the form of a cover version. Yes, Pascalle has given one of my poems a little sonic makeover and I have reworked one of her poems in a way that may just free the inner performer in the most unusual way… Intrigued? Well, I look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday night, February 15 as we light up the Red Box at State Library.

And to leave you, here’s one of Pascalle’s aural texts to light up your night:


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Dada Doesn’t Catch Flies (but it has caught poets)

The delightful Fiona Bell of Dada Doesn’t Catch Flies, has been firing questions at some of the local artists who will be hitting the QLD Poetry Festival stage. So far she has chatted with Carmen Leigh Keates, Nicola Scholes, Ghostboy & my lovely wife, Julie Beveridge (yes, that’s her arm below).

She has also been posting poems and other morsels for you to devour, so, if you have not yet taken the left turn to Fiona’s site, then now’s the time!

Only 10 days to go…


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Mid-Winter at The Back Room

After a couple of days at home, I am starting to feel back on the Brisbane clock, but I am sure I will feel even more at home when I get behind the mic with the mighty Sheish Money at The Back Room’s Mid-Winter Session this coming Wednesday. Let me just say… the line up crackles!

Lighting up The Back Room at Confit Bistro (4/9 Dogget St, Fortitude Valley) this Wednesday night (July 27) alongside Sheish and I will be the twisted tunes and bent words of Ghostboy & Skye Staniford, co-editor of the legendary Going Down Swinging and all round literary over-achiever, Geoff Lemon, performance ensemble Zen Zen Zo and an exhibition of new work by fashion illustrator, Oliver Searle.

To give you a taste of what to expect on the night, here’s a quick hit from Geoff Lemon, live from the 2009 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup:

and this from the belly of Ghostboy with Golden Virtues:

And with San Francisco still firing all my synapses I will be hollering the words of some of their favourite sons and daughters and I know that Sheish has a few new songs ready to burst, so …

the walls of the place just might implode. Make sure you are there to find out!

If you can make it along, drop a comment on the post and let me know numbers or shoot me an email at geenunn(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au and I will look after the rest.

Entry is free and the doors open at 6pm with the live sounds beginning to rumble from 6:30pm.

Hope to see many of you there,


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Enter: Ghostboy with Golden Virtues

Brisbane’s children of the night, Ghostboy with Golden Virtues are just about to let their debut album out of the box to make love to our ears at the Hi-Fi Bar this Saturday night… So I threw a few questions at vocalist/lyricist/spoken weird artist Ghostboy and this is how he hit ’em back!

Your debut album Enter is now signed, sealed and delivered (and ready to be launched I might add). How are you feeling about the album? Does it capture the wild and whirling nature of your live show?
Ghostboy: We feel extremely proud (and very hard) about our first aural infection Enter – it is a great document of where the act was at last year…being both magical & flawed. It has some killer tracks on it – we are about to make a second video for our next single Love Me  – and overall there is only a few things I would change. It is getting great reviews, in that they have clearly been listening to the album without blowing smoke up our arse (there is enough in mine already:) In terms of capturing our live show energy – that is a really huge challenge given the theatrical and intense nature of what we do live / and the feeding off, constant dialogue I have with every audience. If I Were a Rock”N”Roll  girlfriend – an old track which has been severely overhauled in the arrangement by Skye & the band – best captures the visceral raw nature of GBGV. I am personally really proud of the vocals as I did them handcuffed in a room alone direct through a guitar amp, so really let Ghostboy fuck me  to get across the line. That’s the thing – the album was recorded over 5 days in total, lots of late crazy nights, lots of wine and strange silences, and I wouldn’t change a thing about the experience, even the bits I can’t remember….
You have been working together collectively for some time now… how has the writing process changed over the years?
Ghostboy: I first worked with Golden Virtues in 2005 when they were a folk rock band accompanying my poetry and I was an upstart poet with this “other” raging inside trying to find a medium for “its” voice. Back then we just did it very quickly and probably to respectfully in terms of holding the poetry up as something not to be altered or responded to as part of the actual music. Over time, this has changed enormously – as has the sound – and is still evolving. A couple of key things have happened: we started to add more of a cabaret theatre aspect that required central pieces to carry a show; Ghostboy with Golden Virtues became much more than a side project / now a band in its own right separate and informing each other and it’s art lies in the point of kissing in between;  Skye and I started to write songs together including me writing far more in a lyrical form rather than just poetic – sometimes I bring a piece like Crimes already written and describe the sound / nature of the music needed…other times like Wolfish  she has a song and I work a spoken word bridge out. Skye describes what I do as “spocals” and the thing is I have had to own that I am a lead singer in the act – in the tradition of acts like  as well as a spoken weird artist. The music and words are now the same thing rather than separate entities – we are even going to try some GBGV jams in the studio with me writing improv words – got to keep pushing the mule or it will kick you.
Ghostboy with Golden Virtues have been likened to legendary artists such as Nick Cave, Bowie & The Velvet Underground. How do you feel about such comparisons? To what extent have these artists influenced your writing and performance art?
Ghostboy: I am not much into comparisons – they are great for bios and in reviews for reference points and for approaching venues & festivals because that is the constant language of music & writing – context to what has already been. Those three are all amazing and have done it – we are just starting by lighting the fuse.  Nick Cave has been a big influence for his fierceness and integrity and style of singing (particularly the way he has developed his voice) – Henry’s Dream was the album I thought of alot when writing Crimes (lyrics below / based on truths and myths within the GBGV community). Bowie is a massive influence on me – his sexual ambiguity, “otherness”, performance art, literary and spontaneous approach to writing lyrics, his willingness to think grand when so many want to think small & smaller, Lodger is an album that really gets me but Diamond Dogs is probably the one that I think of the most in terms of our live show. Other key figures along the way have been from so many different art forms: noir cabaret act Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen, New York performance artist Taylor Mac, Iggy Pop (the album The Idiot was and still is a soundtrack behind the past year – we interpret Sister Midnight on the album) & The Cramps, spoken word punks Emily XYZ, and of late seeing Peaches live had a huge impact on Skye & I in different ways: for me it was confirmation that punk is still alive and for me to keep pushing it and going with live primal instinct and for Skye…it offered her a vision of the lead lady she can be, wild and unapologetic while knowingly referencing what has come before.
What can people expect to take home in their backpocket after the launch show?
1. A copy of Enter if said pocket is big enough and they want to sleep on something that will wake them up in the middle of the night.
2. A very small girl if they have big soft hands and a very handsome smile
3. A light in their right eye for every time they realise that Brisbane is a little looser for having us in it
4. Three great sets by GBGV, the amazing James Cruikshank solo (The Cruel Sea) and The New Jack Ruby’s  plus poems by MC Pascalle Burton & some special guests that overall will remind people that the true artists never die, they just go to sleep one day. 


Innocence is over-rated /  Blake and his lambs taken for granted
We’ll back the lone tiger, guild the girl and her white lily
We admit to the following crimes (but we don’t feel guilty)

Girls, you don’t have to fear me
I’m average in all the right ways
When I get my hands behind your bars
we’ll separate night from day                        


We’ve danced on the roofs of your well parked cars
double parked in the heart of the handicap spaces
masturbated in the shrink’s secret lair
come in the hair of those pretty boy faces

Boy, even the tap doctor
can’t stop those tears
your fears / your fantasies, they’re lovers
they’ve been doing it for years



I admit to the following crimes
Won’t do no time
Won’t pay no fine
I think you’ll find
I’m clear of conscience and there’s nothing on my mind
I’m looking forward to the next time
I take the law and make it mine
Walk to my own beat
March along my own fine line
Oh I admit to the following crimes…

And the judge said
How do you plead?
Not Guilty!

he lost both kidneys as a teen
spleen a bible / black washing machine
shot seven men just to get too sleep
there’s a bullet in his prayers
but he still can’t weep         

your name wasn’t important at the time
we married because we could and down that street
I put the ring around her throat / but I didn’t ever squeeze
no I didn’t ever squeeze, unless she said           please!


there’s a body rotting in this mangrove
there’s a dog with a bone in its throat
they didn’t come home from the night before
and the bloated lovers they float

she stole her mother’s car as a teen
took a junkie to bed but he didn’t get far
buys quarters from the ex-wife’s boyfriend
he writes the name on the bag, like their gonna forget!



we bought hash cookies / sold stolen gear
disappeared from jobs to the faraway places
been at large on your credit card
freed the wild books from their library cages

the pink moon is arising, and so are our teeth
the keys in the lock , gonna hear us breathe
we ain’t no lawyer, we ain’t on trial
we’re at large in your closet
better turn and smile


the undesirables, the jack of spades, the arse bandits,
who’s gonna judge where we go,  the lights won’t find us
the pills and trips, torn slips, the midnight stashes
who’s gonna judge what we take, who’s gonna chase us

and if the punishment fit’s the crime                  then it’s my  turn  to cry
and if the punishment fit’s the crime                  it’s your turn to say goodbye
but if punishment is the crime                              then both of us should do this time



Buy ENTER: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/GhostboyWithGoldenVirtues
Launch tickets: http://www.thehifi.com.au/events/ghostboy-with-golden-virtues–7664/


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Air for the Birds – Ghostboy & the Brotherhood of the Wordless

If you don’t already have it marked in bright red (or whatever colour takes your fancy) on your 2010 calendar, then grab said pen and mark Saturday January 30, as the day you head across to State Library of QLD to experience Air for the Birds.

Air for the Birds is an inspiring spoken word event, combining the talents of some of Australia’s most well-known performance poets and one of the country’s most unique writing collectives, the Brotherhood of the Wordless. The Brotherhood of the Wordless is comprised of fourteen South-East Queensland writers with autism and other disabilities that preclude speech or the muscle ability required to use keyboards or writing implements. Using the technique of facilitated communication, the Brotherhood works with trusted scribes to bring their powerful thoughts and words to life. The Brotherhood of the Wordless have published a book of collected writing, “Tapping on the Heart of the World”, now in its third reprint. They have featured on ABC Radio National, the Brisbane Writers Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, and members have preformed at the Woodford Folk Festival to a standing ovation.
Working with their facilitators and one of Australia’s premier performance poets, Ghostboy,  the Brotherhood of the Wordless will present performance based texts and poems they have written over the past year with Ghostboy entitled Air for the Birds.  Air for the Birds covers the themes of fantasy and dreams, the face of the “other”, and the voices of the everyday objects central to these writer’s lives.

I recently had the chance to interview Ghostboy and several members of the Brotherhood of the Wordless, to get an insight into the collaboration.

Peter Rowe and Peter Brown with one of the BOW facilitators

Air for the Birds is such a great title for the show; air and breath being such important elements in both the performance and writing of poetry. Tell us about the title’s significance and how it came to life.
Ghostboy: The line is from one of the shows central poems by Peter Rowe – I felt it really summed up the collaboration, the process around their writing with me, and the degree of their dreams and ambitions… and all the guys agreed!

Glenn: it represents freedom of expression, like flying / spreading wings

Lucy: the expectations of flying is so precious to me. the lost capacity of speech is tragic & the need for speech breath is basically not there for us.

Sam P: Freedom.

Peter B: Enjoyment!

Peter R: freedom of expression and the thought of movement / something we do so naturally but so essential to my words

Adrian: freedom! our poetry is like clean air, cleansing our souls.

I was reading an essay by Diane di Prima recently and she was saying that what we are is nothing but a physical instrument, not much different to a musical instrument in some ways and that creation comes only out of changes in the physical instrument. Tell us about how the unique ‘physical instruments’ of this show came together and the creative process involved in developing Air for the Birds?
Ghostboy: The writers wanted to give you some sample lines from their object poems about their facilitation boards & physical environs  – as they are so central to their creative process – to answer this one:
chair takes me places  – Adrian

My chair is my life / It comforts me / It’s chocolate and leather / just for me  – Mike R

Chair / Flat in my legs

And yet a cube in my sign  – Lucy

Straining at the loo / I can’t let this go  – Geoff

the Communication Board feels like my lover

I’m full of gratitude and respect / my beautiful God given board / my life, hope and future    – Glenn

My Board / My true love / my fun time / my friend / my everything. 

You are to me / what air is to a bird.  – Peter R

What have been the highlights of the collaboration?
Sam R: So much fun working with Ghostboy, have really loved being part of this.

Mike: The enthusiasm Ghostboy brought to the sessions has been very inspiring, it has brought new life and energy to my words.

Peter R: This project has brought another level to my work

Peter B: Ghostboy and “air for the birds” ROCK!

Ghostboy: The Brotherhoods creative drive being one of need not ego; the efficiency of their language set against their unbridled energy and spark as physical beings; their ability to direct their own work in terms of the voice required by others reading it; their self-belief as artists – huge!

Finally, what can the audience expect from the show?
Peter B: The audience will be gobsmacked. awestruck, overwhelmed and flabbergasted!!!

Sam P: It will change the way people think about us – both us writers and human beings

Glenn: it will bring further understanding about the autistic world.

Peter R: It will bring another message that we are artistic – not just autistic- and clever.

Mike R: This is a space for us to express ourselves in the outside world.

Rodney: They will see us as poets being part of the most mind blowing dazzling spectacle of fun. fearlessness, and fucking awesome poetry!

The State Library performance will be accompanied by ouTsideRs artists including musician and poet Suzanne Jones (keyboard); renowned avant garde musician Bremen Town Musician (violin), and ouTsideRs award winning spoken word artists Pascalle Burton and Tessa Leon.
Air for the Birds is Presented by the State Library of Queensland, ouTsideRs aRT Inc and Brotherhood of the Wordless.
When                    4pm, Sat 30 Jan
Where                   slq Auditorium 1, level 2
Tickets                 Free, no bookings required
Please note this performance contains some adult themes and is best suited to people aged 16 and over.
And you may want to follow these links: 


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Brisbane Writers Festival: Small Change & other poetic happenings

The mighty Small Change Press roll out the red tongues of three of their finest tomorrow at Brisbane Writers Festival. If you are in town, come along and make some (poetic) noise and get behind the poetry programmed as part of BWF 2009. If we all get behind it, they may just program more of it in 2010.

So here’s what’s happening:

BWF & Small Change Press presents:

Julie Beveridge, Nathan Shepherdson + Graham Nunn & Sheish Money with MC extraordinairre & co-founder of Small Change Press, David Stavanger.

Come and experience the wild and whirling words of these poets as they transform their poems into columns of air ready to be devoured by your hungry ears.
Date: Friday 11 September
Time: 5:15pm – 6:15pm
Venue: The Studio, State Library of QLD (SLQ)
Cost: Free


Earlier in the day, you can also catch FLIGHT.

FLIGHT = something is not quite right. QLD performance poets (and Charles Ulm disciples) Ghostboy & Pascalle Burton + guest pilot The Stress of Leisure present FLIGHT: their well feared Q150 experimental spoken word theatre in-flight entertainment for the first time in 2009 ,as part of the Brisbane Writers Festival. Proudly co-funded by Brisbane City Council’s Creative Sparks. 130pm-230pm @ BWF: Aud 2, The State Library of QLD. Remember – no two flights can ever be the same.

And later on you have the choice of Poetry in the Red Chamber featuring Hinemoana Baker, Bronwyn Lea, William Barton, John Bennett & Rosanna Licari. 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Old Parliament House, Red Chamber.


Heat 2 of the Australian Poetry Slam @ Brisbane Writers Festival (The Studio, State Library of QLD). Sign up 730pm / slam 8pm. MC Ghostboy with Tessa Leon + feature band The Stress of Leisure.

So get your poetry boots on and I’ll see you there!


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