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Going on a ginko…

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of holding a haiku workshop with a keen group of local poets. The workshop was the introduction to a series of ginko (haiku walks) that we will be embarking on over the next five Sundays. And if the first session was anything to go by, I have a feeling that there are going to be many fine poems written…

At the end of the first session, John Wainwright read this haiku to the group:

                                                         gathering mushrooms
                                                         the dove coos

A superb first attempt!

Cindy Keong has also posted a haiku (and photograph) at her site since the workshop and Lee-Anne Davie has had a flurry of creativity sending me through many fine poems… one of my favourites:

                                                          harvest rain
                                                          grapes hang
                                                          heavy on the vine

So I can’t wait to see what comes from this Sunday’s walk along the Brisbane River. Will keep you posted…

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