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chasing the wind: a spring haiku sequence

On Sunday, I lead my first Spring ginko (haiku walk) around the gorgeous State Library/Gallery of Modern Art precinct and over the Kurilpa Bridge. Here are a few haiku I brought back from my travels… and I will have the pleasure of featuring the work of my fellow walkers over the coming days.

                                                             spring river
                                                             only this path
                                                             to follow

                                                             following a wind
                                                             blown skirt
                                                             every eye

                                                             the way a boy chases
                                                             the breeze

                                                             after each ferry
                                                             the shhhh
                                                             of mangroves

photography by Cindy Keong



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The Poetry of Dreams

Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), is gearing up to bend your mind with their new exhibition, Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams. This is an Australian exclusive, with 180 artworks by 56 artists, representing the core of the iconic Surrealism collection housed in Paris’s, Centre Pompidou. The Poetry of Dreams features films, paintings, collages, drawings, photographs and sculptures by artists such as Andre Breton, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Max Ernst and Man Ray. There will also be an interactive children’s gallery; GoMA’s popular Up Late Program blending film screenings, discussions/talks and live sounds; and a Surrealist High Tea. The exhibition opens on June 11 and runs until October 2. This is a great score for Brisbane, so if you have been thinking about a trip to our fine city, this may be a great reason to book that ticket.

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