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Miscellaneous Voices

Miscellaneous Press are getting behind the blogging revolution and have put the call out for the best submissions of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and artwork by Australian bloggers to be featured in their forthcoming publication, Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing 2009. All of the details are now up on the site, so get your best work off to them post-haste… this may be the hottest anthology produced in 2010.


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Publishing for Profit – How do you do it?

A big thanks to Amanda Joy for putting me on to this article this evening. It is a really great read and provides excellent information to follow on from the Jumping the Poetic Hurdle interviews.

SELLING PAPER: Can publishing be profitable in the 21st Century? raises some very interesting points about free content, the difficulty in publishing for profit in both print and electronic media and the role of advertising.

The article concludes by examining the public radio model as a successful way of monetising content.

A thought provoking article and one that I hope you enjoy.


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