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It’s show time here in Brisbane… one of my favourite times of year. So to celebrate, here’s a new haiku capturing a little bit of the Ekka experience.


into the lights
of the ferris wheel
the smell of cow shit


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The Ekka 2010: pics and poems

Today is the last day of The Ekka for 2010. Sheish and I played our last show yesterday afternoon and we went off with a bang… the crowd responding with whoops and hollers and people coming to the front of stage at the end of the set to talk and thank us for our performance. This is what I love most about The Ekka… the generosity and kindness it brings out in the human spirit. It really does widen the smile on everyone’s face!

So with a little sadness in this weary heart (8 gigs in a row + a stint drumming for Sheish Money’s band last night at The Step Inn is seriously tiring), I post these pics captured at the 2010 Ekka by Cindy Keong and a few of the haiku she was responding to. Ah yes… another project emerges, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about this later in the year. 


                                                                people’s day
                                                                the whirling lights
                                                                of thrill rides

                                                                   dappled sky
                                                                   the appaloosa’s
                                                                   perfect run 

                                                                  watching the fireworks
                                                                  in people’s eyes




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People’s Day

Here in Brisbane, it’s ‘People’s Day’ at The Ekka. I am just about to pack my bags and head off to take in all the tastes, sounds, scents and sights of the show… and remember, if you are at The Ekka today, come along and see us at 5pm on The Community Stage.

Here’s a few haiku to start your morning and bring a little of The Ekka into your day.

                                                                          dodgem cars
                                                                          waiting for the sparks
                                                                          to fly

grand parade
the lowing of cattle
drowns in itself

                                           pink nose of the bull bristled by our scent


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Ekka Daze

Our first two shows at The Ekka have been good ones. The words and riffs floating out into the crowds as the thrill rides spin endlessly and the smell of cattle takes over the city. And with the August sky smiling blue, you couldn’t ask for more…

I am currently working on a sequence of Ekka haiku for a new project, so here are two written very recently, alongside sketches of Sheish Money and myself (captured on stage yesterday) by the lovely Michael O’Neill who comes along to see us at The Ekka every year. Michael will be joining us on stage today for a guest spot so if you are there come along and say hello.

If not… I hope this brings a little of The Ekka spirit to you all on this fine Sunday.


                                                             Machinery Hill
                                                             the glowing ash of fireworks
                                                             in every breath



                                                              slow movements
                                                              of the sheep dog –
                                                              midday sun


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Roll Up, Roll Up, Another Lost Shark Hits The Ekka

QLD’s largest annual event, The Ekka opens today. For me, The Ekka is quintessentially QLD… it’s 10 days where the city gets a taste of some country living. Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs & horses are all on display as well as poultry and a range of other beast(ie)s. There are also Sheep Dog Trials, Wood Chops and various other farming and agricultural displays. And then of course… there is poetry!

That’s right, Sheish Money and I will again be there to light up the ears of the crowd; bringing our sounds to the Community Stage from 5pm – 5:30pm daily (from Friday August 6 to Friday August 13).

So come along… fairy floss or dagwood dog in hand and get your poetry hit. And if you are feeling up for it, why not pack a poem in your pocket and come and see us before we go on stage… guest spots are there for the taking!

Show days are great days… see you there.


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