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Downfall Creek Ginko

                                                               broken silence
                                                               the fall of one
                                                               golden leaf


                                                               gentle breeze
                                                               the crackle of gum leaves
                                                               across the boardwalk


                                                               shady fig
                                                               the silence
                                                               of empty nests

                                                                              — Lee-Anne Davie

                                                                again an unseen bird
                                                                cries your name


                                                                wetland pool
                                                                turns my mind
                                                                to tea


                                                                Easter Saturday
                                                                a family barbecue
                                                                amuses the kookaburras

                                                                              — Trudie Murrell

                                                                  thin path
                                                                  the strangler fig tightens
                                                                  its grip


                                                                 forest entrance
                                                                 lorikeets race
                                                                 against the traffic


                                                                 choosing a path
                                                                 ants travel straight ahead

                                                                              — Cindy Keong

                                                                  no breeze
                                                                  grass moves
                                                                  to the rhythm of butterflies


                                                                  in the creek
                                                                  moss and rust
                                                                  years apart


                                                                  back to read another page
                                                                  copper-bottomed ant

                                                                               — John Wainwright


                                                                              all photographs by Cindy Keong

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