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Looking Back at QPF 2011

One week on and I still have that QPF buzz… There have been pics and videos of the festival popping up like field mushrooms, so if like me, you are wanting to keep the festival buzz well fed, here’s a few morsels for to savour:

Sheish Money & I performing at the closing night show, Onwards to Infinity

Festival photographer extraordinairre, Elleni Toumpas has quite a few pics up on her site. Well worth the visit!

This video poem, I Statements, a collaboration between Melbourne lads, Alex Scott & Randall $tephens, took out the 2011 QPF Filmmakers Challenge.

Ashley Capes recently posted this clip of his final reading at QPF, a selection of haiku from his delightful, Orion Tips The Saucepan.

And Fiona Bell’s round up on Dada Doesn’t Catch Flies has some great pics and links to explore.

If anyone else out there has posted pics, reviews or video footage, I would love to see/read/listen to them.

Off now to keep the poetry buzz going at SpeedPoets’ Annual Open Mic Championships!

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Dada Doesn’t Catch Flies (but it has caught poets)

The delightful Fiona Bell of Dada Doesn’t Catch Flies, has been firing questions at some of the local artists who will be hitting the QLD Poetry Festival stage. So far she has chatted with Carmen Leigh Keates, Nicola Scholes, Ghostboy & my lovely wife, Julie Beveridge (yes, that’s her arm below).

She has also been posting poems and other morsels for you to devour, so, if you have not yet taken the left turn to Fiona’s site, then now’s the time!

Only 10 days to go…


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Hold Back the Water Fundraiser Update

Last night’s gig at Riverbend Books went off, with Pascalle Burton, Alan Wearne, John Koenig, Chris Lynch and Sheish Money playing to a packed Riverbend deck.

Alan Wearne

Pascalle opened the night, messing with the idea of reversible poetry, performing two new pieces over a backdrop of the reveresed voices of Nathan Shepherdson & David Stavanger. She was followed by Melbournian, Alan Wearne, who lifted the cover on the Australian Popular Songbook and introduced the audience to a handful of wild characters along the way. And then it was the launch of Brisbane New Voices II, with Romantic Rebel, John Koenig & Poetic Adventurer, Chris Lynch reading from their debut micro-collections. The mighty Sheish Money (who opened the night with a stunning new song, Let It) and I then closed the show with a performance of my poem, Meditations on a day when the river. And as the crowd walked out into the blustery Brisbane night, it was clear that the combination of artists had worked their strange magic!

Chris Lynch

And tonight, I am just home from The Back Room gig at Confit Bistro. Another strong crowd rolled up and the live sounds were bristling…

John Koenig

And importantly, we have now almost reached the $1000 mark in the Hold Back the Water Fundraiser. A massive thanks to Cindy Keong and Sarah Gory for selling tickets on both nights! The final event in the sereis will be the SpeedPoets 10th Birthday Bash, so make sure you are there to get yourself a ticket or three. All money will be donated to the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal.

Big thanks to Fiona for sending me the photos and for her review of the Riverbend gig on ‘Dada Doesn’t Catch Flies’.


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