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Poetry & Music: Two Sides of Consciousness

With SpeedPoets rolling back into InSpire Gallery Bar today in Brisbane’s West End, I have been busily thinking about which poems I might perform with musical powerhouse, Sheish Money. It is an incredible thing when poetry and music come together; and for me it is not just about the musician interpreting the words of the poet. Just as important is the poet’s interpretation of the music.  This morning I was reading an interview with Beat Poet, Michael McClure and Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and I think McClure summed up the relationship between music and poetry (almost) perfectly:

When a poet and a musician share a successful symbiosis, the two sides of consciousness mesh together and the audience becomes more engaged in the work.

The side that responds to music and to the sensibility of time and beauty comes together and works with the part of consciousness that responds to words. The two working together create a larger experience for the person.

It is this belief that has driven SpeedPoets along for the past nine years and drives much of my own creativity. When writing a poem, I always stop to consider how it may sound when working with Sheish. More often than not, the end result sounds completely different to my initial imaginings, but for me it is important to give a great deal of thought to ‘sound’ during the writing process.

So if you are out and about today in Brisbane, enjoying the Autumn sun, stop by InSpire (71 Vulture St. West End) and unite your consciousness. SpeedPoets will be lighting up the room from 2pm to 5pm.

And I totally recommend reading the complete interview with McClure and Manzarek… to see and hear what they are talking about check out this performance of McClure’s poem Czechoslovakia.


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