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Brisbane River Ginko

On Sunday, I braved the autumn drizzle and a very large group of cyclists and set off along the bank of the Brisbane River along with six haiku enthusiasts on the first of our planned ginko. 

While it may not have been the kind of day that pulls you from your Sunday morning slumber, it is amazing how the small world of an umbrella makes you focus. Here’s a haiku sequence I wrote while out walking:

                                   Brisbane River Sequence

                                               dawn river
                                               my head
                                               yet to clear

                                               morning walk
                                               just enough rain
                                               to give the river voice

                                              standing alone
                                              the puddle at the edge
                                              of shelter

                                              waiting for
                                              the 7am ferry
                                              lone cormorant

                                             whistling at the joggers
                                             the old man’s
                                             hearing aide

                                             magpie song
                                             the day brightens
                                             under my umbrella

At the end of our ginko, we gathered together and shared our morning’s work, each poet presenting their favourite haiku of the morning, then casting their vote to select the poem of the trip. The winning poem from the Brisbane River Ginko was written by Cindy Keong.

                                                             lingering heat
                                                             my sweat beads
                                                             on the lawn

Next Sunday we are off to Sandgate for a coastal ginko. Nothing like sea air in your lungs to start the morning.

                                                                          * all photographs by Cindy Keong


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Tidal Notes


drinking cask wine
and smiling at her
I inhale the warm summer perfume
of her dress

light purrs into the grass
on days like this
I see all men
as brief as birds

dusk feathers the day
into vague bits of dream
while the pulse in my neck taps
trouble          trouble

naked night swim
our drunken limbs
fumble over moons
of flesh

softening skin
our bodies
dance in time with
the river’s heartbeat

skipping stones
across a glass river
each bounce
shatters silence

bird song lost
in the air of morning
we drift home with
the outgoing tide


* this poem was written collaboratively with Cindy Keong. You can view more of Cindy’s work here: http://clk27.wordpress.com/


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