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SpeedPoets Call-Back-Poet #6: Cameron Logan

Known to some as ‘The Maximalist’, Cameron Logan has been delivering performances that combine science, surrealism and a razor wit on stages from Bellingen to Brisbane. He has poured his wordy concoctions into the ears of SpeedPoets’ audiences for several years now, and will be bound to deliver a set of Shakespearean proportions when he hits the stage in November as part of the 2012 SpeedPoets Open Mic Championships.

Mental Health Warning

Mental health warning: Discontent is bad for you.
Discontent will fuck you up like syphilis.
Reality check bounces to the forlorn beat
of a broken man
and I, can
only plead indifference.
Bled out, and blinkered
from trivial things, like
and sudden onset protest voting syndrome.
Lazy nights of high-brow banter, G and T and fair-weather philanthropy will not. Save. Anyone.
Mental health warning: National calamity may cause everyone to become an expert on everything.
If you can’t wax lyrical about climate change and public assets then what… Good… Are you
To listen… to the bickering of colleagues and wonder if you could EVER stop caring,
COULD EVER ATTAIN a sense of peace that transcends anthropological footnotes, that,
breaks free from restraints man-made and theocentric.
A severance.
From killjoy Nietzsche and dime-store nihilism,
wrathful God and vengeful Dawkins,
And I
Can’t even consider prayer.
Medicate yourself with culture,
And break even with those around you.
Swing, gently swing and roll with the clear night sky
that beats out the benevolent rhythm of joy and, shallow contentment,
Faster now, FASTER,
CLIMAXING guitars and jazzy violins as the night wears on with youthful screams of
atonal ecstasy and gay abandon.
For those… who find one another. No more
No less
To feel the arsenic kiss of outrageous fortune as she envelops you in a cloud of delicious discontent,
Salute the setting sun!
Salute the drunken clergy!
Salute the revelers, the entourage, the sacred prostitutes who ply their wares behind stained glass to the rhythmof Gershwin’s Rhapsody.
Look upon creation.
And see.
That it’s mostly good.


Cameron is a hybrid of farm labourer and perpetual arts degree monkey. He enjoys slam poetry, page poetry and most garden varieties of spoken word. He likes long walks across arctic tundra and shouting at people in cafes. In his spare time he tries to think of the least original thought in the world.


2012 SpeedPoets Open Mic Championships

Date: Sunday November 4
Location: Brew (Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane City)
Time: 2:30pm – 5pm
Entry: Gold Coin Donation
More details at www.speedpoets.com


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